Dirty Louis Tomlinson Imagine- part one

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Dirty Louis Imagine

Your POV

I pase around my apartmant thinking over my outfit again

It is very revealing, I'm not sure if it's too sluty or not

It consisted of and very small red skirt with a fur at the bottom of the skirt, a bra like red shirt with a little white bow on it, a hood was attached to the shirt and on the edge of the hood was white fur. For shoes i was wearing 6 in heeled boots with white fur covers (photo on side)

I'd admit i looked hot in this.

I was wearing my long brown hair semi curled. My make-up wasnt over done nor underdone. My make-up was only black eyeliner with some light brown eye shadow, i hade mascara on to define my eyes. I had put on bright red lipstick on my ever so soft lips.

I had called the taxi already and was now waiting for it to arrive. I hear the beeping of the taxi and grab my phone, stuff it in my bra and head out the door. In the back of my phone i put some money to pay for the taxi. I onluy put enough in for the ride there as i know i will be spending the night.

I only just realized i forgot to mention where i'm going, i'm going to my boyfriend of 2 years, Louis Tomlinson, he is throwing a massive christmas party, me and Louis planned most of it and on the invitations it stated that costumes for Santa and Mrs Claus where taken and to not show up as them as me and Louis planned that me and him will be dressing up as them.

I got into the taxi and told them the address, after a 10 minute quite drive i have arrived at Louis' place. I handed the man his money and left for the front door off Louis' house.

The music was already pounding from the house, what a great vibe. I knock on the door and get an instant answer. It was the one and only Santa

"SANTA!!" i scream. He looks me up and down in shock "it's too much isnt it?" i say

"No, you look" he was taken for words "stunning" i giggle in response

"May i come in now? I would like to get my freak on" Louis laughs and moves out of the way

I walk straight over to the drinks and take three shots then grabbing a beer and skulling that too

"Damn girl, you sure can drink" i turn to see Louis standing behind me.

"I like my drink" i shrug it off and head to the dance floor

Louis follows close behind, we start dancing together and grinding on each other

"baby i gotta show you something" Louis says and i nod then start following him.

He leads me into his room. He closes the door behind me then smashes his lips to mine

"You've been very very naughty Mrs Claus" he whispers suducticly "i'm going to have to punish you"

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