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Marcus- He's 24 and a single father.

 He owns his own business, and is very successful.

 He is also a widow with a four year old daughter.

 He wants to find someone that will not only love him, but love his daughter as well.

So far he wasn't having any luck until he met his daughters' preschool teacher.

 She may just be what they need.

Maddie- She is 23 and a preschool teacher.

She loves children, and has always longed to have a family of her own.

Sadly she will never have that.

Being told she could never have kids has devastated her.

 Now she spends her days taking care of other children.

She has taken to Jaylah a little girl that lost her mother at birth.

This child reminds her of herself.

 Can she help this little girl without losing her heart to the little girl's father Marcus?

Or will these two find each other, and let the love they can have heal them?

Can Marcus get past the guilt he feels for wanting to move on from his wife?

Will Maddie allow herself to have the one thing she desperately wants?

Will Jaylah play match maker so she can have a mommy?

All they have to do is open their hearts and they could have everything they need.

But sometimes foolish pride gets in the way.

Love can only do so much.

You have to let it in for it to heal you.

If you fight it love can die.

Hopefully for these two they learn to give in before it's to late....

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