#45 Stiles/Mr. Harris

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Okay so I know this pairing is kind of skewed in views.  You either like/love the ship, or you hate the ship.  Though I decided to do another one shot of the pair for those people that liked the pairing. 

Also, I'm taking suggestions so feel free to leave them in the comments and I will take the most popular or the one I'm feeling most inspired to write about.  Thanks for all the support guys, and without further ado, here is another one shot ~Directioner5340



"See you later Paul" I chanted back at the bartender as I left through the doors of the local Beacon Hills bar.  It was nice to have a drink every once in a while when I had to deal with stubborn students all day like Stiles Stilinski.... Especially Stiles Stilinski. 

I sighed as I checked my watch.  It was already 10:30 PM.  My house was only a ten minute walk from the bar and I had walked here so that I wouldn't be tempted to drive.  I shivered at the chilling wind, but pushed forward towards home.  I needed to get to bed.  Tomorrow's Friday.  One day left until the break of weekend.

Though teaching isn't all bad.  I mean, I get to mess with Stiles, which is a plus..... Well even if that is the only way I can keep my mind off the strange thoughts I'd been having since he joined my class.  I shook my head and that's when I saw it.  There was a figure off to the side, just tucked inside the cover of the woods sitting on a stone in the ground.  He seemed to throw his hands up in frustration every once in a while catching my attention.

I knew I should'nt, but I crept my way over curiously to get a better look.  As I got closer, I was able to make out more of his features in the moon light, but his voice hit me before I could get a full look.

"Just stay home Stiles, they say.  We've got this all handled Stiles, they say" he grumbled to himself, taking a swig from the now visible bottle in his hands "of course they don't want me around on the full moon.  God forbid they have their weak link along."  I watched as Stiles kicked at the dirt beside the rock.

Every muscle in my body told me to run, to just leave before I did something stupid, but I couldn't.  My feet seemed to be cemented in spot, because while my muscles told me to run, my mind and emotions told me to stay.... even though I was probably going to regret this.

"Stiles?" I called out cautiously and he whipped around stumbling slightly.  I watched as his head scanned the horizon before zeroing in on me.

"Who's there" he slurred his words together.  I'm guessing he had a little bit more alcohol than just one swig.  I pursed my lips together, still tempted to run, but I stayed.

"I'm just going to help you get home Stiles" I offered lightly but he tossed the bottle to the side where I alarmingly saw another bottle laying.

"No" Stiles muttered "I'm not going home."  He sat down on the rock, crossing his arms with a huff.

"Stiles please, you're drunk" I pleaded taking a few steps closer to him, and he tried scooting away from me until he fell backwards off the rock with a little startled yelp.

"My dad can't see me like this" he blabbered "I can't let him see me like this.  I can't go home."  I bit my lip as I walked over to make sure that he was okay after his little fall only to see him laying there giggling like an idiot.  I let out a sigh as I walked over, grabbing him under the shoulders and helping him to his feet.

"You look like Harry Potter" he giggled "oh I'm being saved by Harry Potter!  Harry Potty's my best friend!"  I couldn't help but laugh lightly as his drunken banter as I led him back down the street for ten minutes, the whole way he kept talking about how Harry Potter was his best buddy.

I eventually made it back to my house, unlocked the door and let both Stiles and myself in.  Once in the living room, I pushed his off balance self onto the couch and made my way to the kitchen filling up a glass of water and bringing it back to him, shoving it in his hands.

"Drink this" I commanded "you'll thank me later when your hang over isn't as bad."  I watched as he grabbed it in both hands and sipped at the glass like a small child.  He was so cute, how he giggled every few minutes.  How he kept talking drunken nonsense.  How he gets all flustered when I scold him in class and-

Damn it, I'm doing it again.  I have got to put an end to these thoughts, I mean for one, he's my student.  Secondly his dad's a sheriff and I know how it would end if I even thought about getting involved with Stiles.  I sighed before shaking my head.

"You know, if I was smart I would call you dad and have him pick your ass up right now" I grumbled at him "you just lucky that I'm not that mean.  I walked over to the closet in the corner, pulling a blanket off the top shelf.  I slowly laid it on the arm of the couch beside Stiles.

"Okay, you can have the couch for the night" I explained "now if I were you, I'd try and get some shut eye before school tomorrow.  I know I am."  With that I began to walk down the hall to my bedroom when I heard it.

"Why do you hate me so much?" he asked with a yawn.  It was probably the most sober thing I'd heard him say in the past 20 minutes.  It was like a smack in the face to hear that he thought I hated him.  I hadn't meant for my teasing in class to come off that way, I just needed a way to get rid of my small crush on the guy.

"I don't hate you Stiles" I sighed as I began to make my way back into the living room "I could never hate you."  I whispered the last part, and it was obvious that he hadn't heard which I was greatful for.

"I have a secret" he smiled with a silly lilt in his voice as he grabbed the blanket off of the couch arm and pulled it over himself.  Curiously, I sat myself in the chair beside the couch and listened.  I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help myself.

"Oh yeah, and what's that?" I quizzed curiously.

"You can't tell my dad" he whispered as if we weren't the only two people in the room.

"I won't" I offered.

"And you definitely can't tell Harris" he murmured "you have to promise."  I was suddenly even more curious than before.  What secret could he possibly want to keep from me.  I was torn on what to do, but eventually made up my mind.

"I promise" I stated firmly.  He flashed his eyes around as if to make sure that everybody else in the house, being no one, wasn't listening.

"I don't think" he explained "Harris is a good teacher."  He let out a big laugh and I leaned back in disappointment.  I should've known it was too good to be true.

"Good night Stiles" I sighed as I stood from my chair and leaned down the his laying figure that was almost completely asleep now.  I gently moved the blanket up his torso to just below his chin and walked toward the hallway.

"Especially since I can't pay attention to anything he's saying because I have a crush on him" Stiles added in a soft whisper and I froze as my back stiffened at his words.  I slowly turned around, but Stiles had fallen asleep...

"I have a crush on you too Stiles.... if only we could do something about it" I whispered, and then I got bold.  I walked over and placed a small kiss on his smooth forehead.

"Good night" I whispered with a small smile "Stiles Stilinski."

Hey guys, so there is another one shot.  I thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed.  I'll try and update again soon!  ^_^

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