Chapter 6

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-Ashton's POV-

I walked into the house I shared with the boys, running my fingers through my hair. "Ughhh!" I groaned, causing the boys to give me a questioning look. "Michael, I don't think I can do it. Not to her," I sighed, plopping down beside him on our grey couch. "Don't be a pussy, mate. What made you change your mind?" he replied, smirking at me slightly. I explained to him everything that happened starting from the second I walked into Jade's house.When I was finished, Michael's mouth, along with all the other boys', was hanging open. "Ash, leave that poor girl alone. She's been through enough shit and the last thing she needs is you fucking her life up even more," Luke stated, giving me a stern look. Calum nodded in agreement, "Yeah, Ash. Either be a real friend or stop hanging out with her. Don't lead her on." I nodded, taking their words into consideration. "Eh. Maybe they're right. But still, if you lose the bet, you're a pussy," Michael shrugged, again causing me to think. What was I going to do now?

-Jade's POV-

I rummaged around the kitchen, about to cook myself dinner when my phone rang suddenly, nearly giving me a heart attack as the chorus to "Voodoo Doll" played through the room. I grabbed my phone off the counter, noticing that it was a number I didn't recognize.

"Hello?" I answered cautiously.

"Is this Jade?" The voice was australian, and sounded slightly familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint who it was.

"Yes...Who's this?"

"Hi, this is Luke. I may or may not have gotten your number out of Ashton's phone. Was that creepy? Oh god it was, I'm sorry, I just-"

"Luke, it's fine," I laughed quietly, "What's up?" I had spoken to him in person once, when I drove by Ashton's to drop off his phone charger. He seemed pretty nice, and we talked for awhile.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out? I mean, if you want to. It doesn't have to be tonight."

"yeah, sure! I'm actually just about to make dinner, would you and the boys like to come?"

"Yeah, definitely! We'll be there in 10."

"Great! See you then."

I hung up the phone, placing it back on the counter before pulling out ingredients for spaghetti. I was in the middle of stirring the sauce when my doorbell rang. I rushed to answer it, taking a deep breath. I had never met Michael and Calum, and I was fairly nervous, to say the least. I plastered a smile on my face and tugged the door open, my eyes instantly meeting with Ashton's warm smile. I stepped to the side, allowing the four of them to come in. "Hi guys, make yourself at home. Also, I'm Jade, for the two of you that I haven't met," I grinned, reaching out to shake Calum and Michael's hands. Michael politely shook my hand before Calum pulled me into a bear hug. "I'm a hugger," he chuckled, causing me to giggle as my arms wrapped around his torso. He released me a few seconds later. Then, I was in another bear hug with Ashton, and then again with Luke. Not that I was complaining.

"I'm so full," Michael groaned, clutching his stomach, "That spaghetti was bomb." "I agree," Luke smiled at me, causing me to blush slightly. "Please marry me," Calum winked, playfully giving me a kissy face. "Alright guys, I know her cooking was amazing, but please control your hormones," Ashton grinned, making me laugh. "Well I'm glad y'all enjoyed it!" I beamed. 5 Seconds of Summer liked my cooking. I was thrilled.

We hung out for a bit longer, all 5 of us taking turns on mario kart (which I whooped all their asses), and eventually settling on the couch to watch The Rocky Horror Picture show.

"Well, we better get going. We have to be at the studio in the morning," Calum said once the movie was over, rising from his spot and stretching. Everyone else followed suit, each of the boys coming over to give me a hug. First was Michael. His hug was warm, but it didn't last very long. Next was Calum. He picked me up and spun me around before setting me back on my feet. Then, it was Luke. He hugged me tightly, and it seemed like it lasted forever. Lastly, it was Ashton's turn. He hugged me close, his lips pressing softly to my forehead before they all left.
I could tell, this was the new start I was looking for.

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