ka$hdami | 7 minutes in heaven

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your outfit but with high top converse^^^

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your outfit but with high top converse^^^

you 18..dami 19...


"Bitches on my dick like im kanye"

"Chrome- you don't even have a dick your a female"babysantana said

"Shut the fuck up im a female but im still that nigga" i sais gripping my "gbg" chain smiling and throwing up the middle finger

All the boys laughed and some of the girls

"Hell naw you ain't really like that fr nigga gimmie dat-"chris said reaching over snatching my chain

I was baffled so i slapped him on the side of the head

"Im not playing id take yo bitch if you had one."i said crossing my arms sitting back on my knees

(just gave me a flashback😩and a good one too)

"Oop-" christopher my gay ass bestfriend said


"Yall wanna play 7 minutes in heaven"aya said walking into the room

We all looked at each other

Me,Aya,Christopher,Chris,Kash,Tana,Magic,Lail,Twinie,Slump, and Fazo all sat in a circle around each other

I looked over at kash for some reason feeling his stare though his dark tented glasses-

"Okay who's first?"

"Aya." I pointed at her she gasped "bro n-

"Aya" eveybody else said

She rolled her eyes then spun

And it landed on





We all laughed tana looked hella nervous but got up and they both went in the closet twisting one of his dreads between his fingers..

Aya's POV



"We don't have to do nun if youd don't wanna" tana said

I just looked at him he was short but he was cute so

"Ay-"i cut him off by pulling his face close to mine and smashing our lips together

Chromes pov

"Yall think they..?" Chris said and did the backshots motion

I shrugged my shoulders..

Kash didnt say anything as always

And chris and the other girls laughed

"Aye all i no is im tryna see one of these bitches shake that shit tonight."

"You mean Young Ladies you no manners having ass nigga"Fazo said

"Nigga F U"Chris replied

"Times up!!" Christopher said

Aya and tana cane out breathing heavy we all looked shocked


"Can we just get on with the game." Tana said


After a while it was my turn

I spent the bottle and it landed on




Kash..the one person i was hoping it wouldn't land on it did i looked at him  and he showed no emotion but he stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the closet.

"D-dami we don't hav-"

He pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard.

I whimpered and grabbed his arm

I didn't even notice he had his hand around my throat until he squeezed.

He pulled me closer and gipped my ass hard

"Times Up!!"

He pulled from against me and walked out the closet

I took a few breaths and walked out eveyone just started



"What nigga!?"

"Are you blushinggg"aya said and laughed and everyone else started too

I just set down and we continued the game


chapter short. and im tired...asf.

Prt 2?

Prt 2?

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