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My eyes open groggily and I try to blink the sleep out of them

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My eyes open groggily and I try to blink the sleep out of them.

Once my vision clears a little, my other senses come flooding back to me, and I feel a heavy weight from my boobs downwards.

I look down my body and see Gigi nestled between my legs, head still resting on my boobs and mouth slightly parted as he sleeps.

I look over to the sofas beside us and realise Andreas and Mateo aren't there, the morning sun blaring through the large windows opposite the sofa.

Gigi shifts in his sleep slightly and turns his head, and I just look down at him in awe.

He looks so innocent. His lashes brushed the tops of his cheeks as his eyes closed and the soft inhale and exhale from his parted plump lips. His hair is a mess, but he manages to pull it off, the dark strands framing his face and forehead, blending with the dark colour of his brows.

I lift my manicured hands and run my nails along his scalp, brushing through his hair gently. Gigi stirs and mumbles something, his eyes fluttering open and smiling when they connect with mine.

The green seems more prominent in the direct sunlight, and he swallows thickly, his Adam's apple bobbing from the action.

I resist the urge to lick it.

"Good morning baby." I say softly, running my fingers through his hair as he wakes up.

"Morning princess." He replies back, his voice horse from sleep. "Did we fall asleep here?" He asks, resting his eyes as he gets comfortable on me again.

"Mmm." I confirm, "I think Andreas and Mateo left late last night."

"We have to fly to Italy today." Gigi groans, "I can't be asked to deal with angry mafia men tomorrow." He complains and I smile down at him slightly.

"You never know," I shrug, "It could be fun to fuck with them a little. Get them wound up." I suggest deviously and Gigi lifts his head to look at me.

I stifle a chuckle as one side of his face is redder than the other from laying on my boobs all night.

"You want to piss off several mafia Dons?" He asked incredulously, before breaking out into a smirk, "That's my girl."

I smile at the praise and he leans down to kiss my neck briefly before getting up, my body feeling light without his weight on me.

I miss it, the pressure felt comforting and safe.

Gigi stands and stretches his hands over his head, his shirt riding up teasingly to reveal the band of his sweats and his lickable v-line.

And of course he doesn't even try to hide the fact he's hard.

"We should head back to mine so we can pack and shit." He smirks at me, noticing my gaze on his dick before I snap my eyes to his.

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