13 & Pregnant {16}

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**1 Month later**

"Brooklyn come on lets go" Mia said from downstairs and I quickly grabbed my hand bag and phone.

Ryan and I moved to L.A together and were staying with his older cousin, Marco and girlfriend, Mia their both 24. Ryans dad delt with social services so his my legal guardian now. Im 7 months pregnant and boy I am heavy.

"Coming" I yelled back to Mia. I waddled down the stairs, I can no longer laugh at pregnant people.

"Come on let me help you into the car" Mia said and guided me towards the car.

"Hello Miss.West" My doctor said

"Hi Doctor Lulu" I said to him as I sat onnthe hospital bed with the help of Mia.

The doctor smeared that cold gel around my stomach and started checking the baby.

"So you dont want to know the gender right?" The doctor asked and I nodded.

"Well the babies healthy but you'll have to go through a C-section because of your age" The doctor said and then he turned off the machine.

"Thanks doc" Mia said to the doctor and cleaned up my stomach.

"Hey you wanna go to the beach" Mia said in her Jersey accent.

"Ofcourse" I said back as we pulled up into our driveway.

I walked into the house and went upstairs. I put on a two piece which I felt very self conscious in because of my stomach but Mia saod I really shouldn't care. I put on a lose crop top and jean shorts. I got on my shades and grabbed my beach bag. I walked into Ryans room to see him on his laptop probably job hunting. He said he wants to buy all the babies things amd he doesnt want the baby or me to depend on anyone but him for something.

"Hey Ry, Mia amd I are going to the beach" I said from the doorway.

He put his laptop down and walked over to me and kissed me on the lips, we made out for a couple seconds till someone cleared their throat.

"Hey Ryan sorry to interrupt but I need your help man" Marco said as he stood there awkwardly.

"Okay I'll see you later babe" Ryan said.

"Ryan were cool and all but babe?" Marco asked as looked around awkwardly.

"I wasn't talk to you idiot" Ryan said as he walked away with his cousin. Marco might be 24 but he acts like his 12 sometimes.


"Hot guy coming at us" Mia said from beside me as we laid down in the sun, getting our tan on.

"Mia, I have a boyfriend and so do you" I said laughing slightly.

"O come on lets live alittle plus were not really gonna do anything" She said and propped herself up on her elbows. I wish I could do that without looking like a whale in a bikini.

"Hey ladies" The hot guy said in an Australian accent but I noticed he had a camera in his hands.Why? I have no idea.

"Hey" Mia and I said together slowly.

"So what are your names?" The guy asked.

"My names Joan" Mia said

"My names Hillary" I said to him with a smile.

"Well ladies I hope you dont mind showing me abit of boob action for my camera here" He said with a smirk and I instantly knew what he meant.

"Hillary time to go" Mia said as she helped me up and started taking out stuff.

"Come on girls please" He said to me and grabbed my arm.

A/n Play Joan jett-Bad reputation. Then read this.
"Come on you little whores" He said and that just crossed the line. I turned around and punched him in the face and tackled him to the ground. He was so stunned he didnt get up. I threw a couple more punches and got up. I grabbed my purse and swong at his rib cage. I kept doing that till someone out their hands on my shoulder and I turned around to see a cop.

His hand wasnt firm on my shoulder so I made a run for it. Mia was already ahead of me. Ya'll are probably thinkin how the hell im running even though im 7 monghs pregi. Well I dont fucking know.

I made it to the parking lot and saw Mia fumbling around to open the car but it was too late. Three cops were already 5 seconds away from the car.

I put my hands behind my head and started saying 'I surrender bitches'. Well I dont know where that came from.

Well time to go to jail.

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