Embarrassment. (Leo)

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My fork pokes the green peas on my plate, trying not to look at Leo directly in the eyes. I take my chances anyway and risked a quick glance at him. He looks so happy, I mean, I if he can look at my Aunt Cass with out getting spooked out. Then, Haha. He is definitely the guy for me. Haha!
His intense blue eyes catch mine, his lips smirk. Dang, he's so hot. I turn my attention to Aunt Cass.
"So where is everybody else?"
"Oh, my sister and he husband got stuck in traffic so they are spending their time in a hotel right now. And thanks Leo for having dinner with us tonight. We both enjoyed you're company."
"Oh, yes. I enjoyed my self. Hopefully we can -" I blush profusely "Do it again sometime?" I look into his eyes.
"Most definitely."

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