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Her hands are very soft. It's warm, like no bones.

This is their first physical contact since they got married.

Wei Xi cast her eyes down and glanced at the hands they were shaking, stiffening for a moment. But then, he stretched out two fingers, pinched her wrist, and threw her hand aside.

Ling Zhen rubbed his wrists and glanced at him secretly, as if he was not angry!

Sure enough, the big villain before the blackening, although his temper was a little bit worse, he still has the hope of transforming into a good young man before he can get along with him!

There was no emotion on Wei Xi's face, she stood up from the sofa and glanced at Ling Zhen: "Do you want to get a divorce?"

Ling Zhen's legs softened and immediately said, "I don't want to!"

...I don't want qaq for now

When Wei Xi stood up, she was nearly a head taller than her. The little wife was almost shrouded in the shadow cast by him, with her chin up, her eyes bright, and she looked very obedient.

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, there seemed to be a slight irony in her expression, and then said nothing, bypassing Ling Zhen and walking towards the door.

Ling Zhen glanced at the high-end skin care products in the hallway, and immediately guessed that it was the day when Wei Xi regularly visited her seriously ill mother. Wei Xi is paranoid and violent, and his feelings are very weak. But Ling Zhen knew that the only mother in the world who was kind to him was the only tenderness left in this man's heart.

In the past, Wei Xi went to the hospital alone. The original owner will not accompany him, nor will he call her.

But this time, the moment Wei Xi stepped out of the room, his clothes were suddenly pulled slightly, as light as a small animal.

He turned halfway, lowered his eyes, and saw Ling Zhen lift up his small face, his voice was very soft and soft.

"I'll accompany you and go see mom together."


No words all the way.

Wei Xi didn't drive, and sat in the back seat side by side with her, far away in the middle.

In the confined space, Wei Xi's cold breath was slightly oppressive, and Ling Zhen turned on the phone in order to divert her attention.

There are many new messages on WeChat. Ling Zhen opened it and found that the top one was a chat group. She clicked in and looked at the group members, knowing that this was the group that the original owner had been asking for for a long time before being kindly pulled into by Jian Wenyi.

In order to integrate into the protagonist group, the original owner forwarded something that he found interesting every day, and responded to whoever said it, and spared no effort to participate in their conversations, boring others to death.

The protagonist and his friends have never really accepted Ling Zhen, nor do they look down on the flattery of the original owner, so even if Ling Zhen is in this group, they can laugh unscrupulously.

The latest few sentences are like this:

Song Zhao: "Where is Xiaoning? How come the photos disappear after posting?"

Jiang Mei: "That sister is still in operation?"

Ding Ze: "It's rare to have such a funny thing, so why should I report it in real time! Did Ling Zhen pad his nose or cut his bones?"

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