When you text him: Michelangilo

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"Haha, LOSER!" His'sidekick' follows his lead and bends over backwards (literally) laughing and pointing at me as well.

"HAhahaha. Stop. I. Can't. Breath!" I try to ignore them, Then I hear whispers talking about my clothes, I mean what's wrong with my clothes! There is nothing wrong with me wearing a Deadpool T-shirt who is riding a unicorn and red skinny jeans. I mean like, what the heck! Yes I admit, I am bullied; about how I'm too (small/big), my look, clothes. Amethyst says I should tell someone bout me being bullied, but I know that if I do, I would be bullied even MORE. Im the known as the quiet kid at school, but when im alone; just with my friends, im SUUUPPPEERRR HYPER!!! I try to power walk to my locker. Rushing, I spin the dial on the lock faster than normal. When I finally open it at my 3rd attempt I place my blank white skateboard in the locker so it wouldn't get stolen.. I slam the metal door to come face to face with my own personal bully, Britney. The popular snob, who always thinks she can get what she wants....

{Im so sorry if yur name is Britney. Just change her name if you have too, this is just the name of the bully at my school.}

"So-" she sashays over to me "Have you asked Bruce out yet?" She snikers as she put on another layer of lipstick, I stand there quietly. Noticing she answers for me "No; well, you know I can always hook him up with you." She smiles evily, panicking I try to make a good comeback.

"No need.."

"Oh? Have you already done so?"

"No. I-I-"

Her cold ever green eyes stare at me with suspicion.

"I-I already have a boyfriend." I shy.

"Who is this 'Mystery' man?"

"He's not a man..." I say even in a lower tone of voice.

"What is he, imaginary!?"


"Better run along.." she changes the subject as if she's reading my mind. "...or you'll be late."

She surprises me by letting me go easily. I try to escape her mig mouth, and swing my bag over my shoulder. Seconds later, my face is centimeters from the floor. My hands are gritty and dirty from them coming in contact with the floor. I cough as dust fills my nostrals.

"Oops, sorry. Maybe you and you imaginary friend go skip school together. Or better yet, never come back."

Her boyfriend looks at me apologetically, and walks into his classroom, her friend on the other hand adds to the meanieness. (It is an official word, b/c I thought it.)

"Yea; totally. You and the floor should totally get a room."

The bell rings and they slip into there room just in the nick of time, while I am left in the middle of the hallway. I skid to my science class; Mr.Perez just lovely.
My galaxy converse shuffle across the floor to the tan desk. The super small desk that can only hold like only one notebook and a pen. Perez don't Eva teach us, all he does is critize you as a person, and just give you textbook/workbook pages.

I pull the textbook from under my desk and flip to a random page. Fack this, I pull out my cell and text Mikey.


-Is this Gelo?

-Sorry bro, this is Michelangelo.

-MIKEY!!! Its (/).

-Wazup (/)! I glad ima finally talk to ya!!

-SAME, wanna hang out sometime and er school?

-I'm bored out of my mind!

-Ya, I'll pick you up.

-HERE my address (address)

*Texin Ends*

Perez's voice snapes my head up. Right above me is Perez, his hand is out. "Phone. Now."

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