.When you text him: Leonardo

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{★‡ Above is you cellphone and cell case/vehicle, and comment if you get any reference ‡★}

"Yay!" I sing as a skip through my front door. "I'm officially a women!!" I shoot my fist into the air. Aunt Cass places. Her keys up on the mantle and walks through the kitchen. "Nope. Not yet, not until you're 18! Just because you got your driver's license, doesn't mean you're grown."
"Aaww stop raining on my parade." I pout, never did I expect that I would have my driver's license. Or enjoy it for that matter. All the popular girls at school are like 'OMG I got my new convertible today, and you can't have it. Hahahaha. Idiot, of course you wouldn't have a car grill. (Yes they call me grill) you're so lame. Ha!' I used to be upset and get dragged into this stuff like that. I didn't want to have a car because I thought I'd turn out like them. But later on I started not to care, Why? Because I know I'd never turn out to be those snobby popular girls. Now I have my own vehicle, a navy blue F 150 Ford truck. I must admit it's not the newest truck, but as long as I have one I'm alright. H-yea! I flop onto my sky blue beanbag chair that I've had since I was '8', it has butterflies on it, and I reach for the remote.

Scrolling through my recent watched list on Netflix, I come across my all time favorite show. 'Space Heroes'. My lil' cousin Tadashi (he's six) says it's a baby show. But I know that when he visits from Sanfransokio the first thing he asks is if I want to see Space Heroes. Which is ofcourse Yes. Plus late at night; when he's sleeping over, he sneaks down stairs and 'secretly' watches it when he's supposed to be asleep. The wooden floor creaks telling me that Aunt Cass close behind me. The sweet smell of chocolaty cocoa fills my nose. Breathing in the scent heavily I ask "When is Mom and Dad coming home?" I turn and see her leaning on the frame of the door. "Soon I hope, there later than usual tonight." She stares out the apartment window, the stars reflect and shine in her eyes. "Would you like hot cocoa?" She gestures to her mug. "Sure why not, it won't hurt me." I shrug, pushing play to my favorite episodes. "Thank-you!" I holler.

~Time Skip to 10:30~

I'm on the second to last episode; I've probably seen it over a million times, it's just that this one always seems to get the tears outta me. Mezmorized by the TV, I sit my 5th cup of cocoa. I'm probably going to stay up all night now; me being on the sugar high and all the melatonin is being drained out of my eyes.

'But Captain Ryan, why must you go?!' The she Champakey (type of "alian") grabs hold of his wrist begging him not to go. 'Because my love-' he answers ' I must save the world from your demon father.' he carasses her face with his hand. ' I will never let you go!' She tears, water swelling up in her eyes and she tightens her grip on with her hand on his wrist.
:To Be Continued:

"NOOOO!!! DAM YOU BALTHAZAR!!" I shake my fist to the ceiling. The front door clicks and I see...... Dave (dang it)
"And where have you been?" I smirk.

"Go to bed!" He whisper/yells.

I reply in the same tone except with sass "You were with your girlfriend weren't you, Amethyst was it?"

"Shut it (y/n)!" he snatches the remote and searches for a movie.

"Good luck!" I say singsongaly ( its a word, I said it there for its a word.) I sneak upstairs carefully opening my bedroom door, and creeks we see me frozen in my footsteps. I opened it a little more, and it creaks a little more. That's it I whisper under my breath. I slide through the opening of the door, being cautious that one wrong move could wake my Aunt Cass. In force of habit I shut it, crap. I close my eyes, but it doesn't Creek. "Oh I see how you play." I glared the door evily, then shrug. "Oh well." I change to a black tank top and comfy pants pajama pants that are fuzzy inside and out, with the design of the space heroes logo all over the place. I pick up my laptop and start to do random stuff.


What time is it? I yawn tiredly. '12:52'! I'm done, computer died, time for bed. I make a peace sign with my hand and place the computer on my mini table beside me. Cell. time! I take out my iPhone and start to imagine my new cover. It's white with light red (almost a pink) and blue splotches all over it and Spiderman dancing to Mozart in a pink tutu. Hehe. Leo! I feel bad I didn't remember him sooner than later. I slide my finger down the screen until I get to the L's.
"Leo, Leo, Leo, Leo, ha! Found ya!" I push Leonardo's name. Tapping my finger on the corner of my mouth I mumble "What should I say, ummm got it! I begin to text rapidly.

ΩHello, is this Leonardo?

Ω Sorry you have the wrong number. My name is Leo.
•Mr. Super Sized McShizzle

ΩLeo I'm not stupid!

Ω Do I know you?
•Mr. Super Sized McShizzle

Ω Thought you would never ask.
I'm (y/n) remember?

ope, doesn't ring a bell.
•Mr. Super Sized McShizzle

*face palm*

My last name ain't Hamoto, ¶
It's Valdez...
•Mr. Super Sized McShizzle

¶Oh, I am sincerely
sorry. Whats up with
you signature?

It's an inside joke. ¶
•Mr. Super Sized McShizzle

¶ Right, OK.

Catch ya layta sweet stuff? ¶
•Mr. Super Sized McShizzle


Kk, adios el chica. ¶
•Mr. Super Sized McShizzle

Well that was interesting conversation. Did Leo give me the wrong number? On purpose, or who I was speaking with was Leonardo and. he just didn't want to say. No that can't be it, well you wouldn't do that. Would he? I take the note off my nightstand and re-read it. In shock, I look in between the slip of paper and my phone. I'm a complete idiot. I record Leo's number to be '518-397-8269' its not, its ACTUALLY '518-347-8294' his fours look awful like nines.
I keep the other Leo in my contacts. (never know, I may be bored and text him) Adding the RIGHT number in my phone this time, I start to text.

¶ Leo, Leonardo?

Mikey I swear, I am NOT letting ¶
YOU mess with my vidio tapes.

¶Oh please don't tell me
I have the wrong number.

¶This is (/)

¶Ugh, never mind.

No! (/) it's me, Leo! ¶
I thought you were my little brother.
He's always wanting to steal
my Space Heroes tapes.

¶OMG! I actually
text you/found you!!

Yea, sorry bout that, I ¶
was worried that you never
text me.

¶Righ- of course.

Do you well, want to ¶
go on a date with me?

¶Heck Yea!!

¶I mean sure.
Where do we meet?
Cause, your a ummm-

It's OK, I know what you ¶
mean. Don't worry I have
everything under control.

I shall pick you up. ¶

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