Thinking of you: Michelangelo ( kind of, in a way)

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{= ̄ω ̄= Hey guys, Luna here. I know many of you do not like authors notes, I totally agree. I'm just letting you know now, don't be hatin on my childhood, Veggie Tales was life. I was watching this episode wormy two younger sisters yesterday and this song reminded me of Mikey. So ya. Sorry bout interrupting the story.
-Hasta le Pasta! BIEEE!!! = ̄ω ̄= }

"What are you drinking Donatello?"
D glances up from his boring newspaper.

"Umm, coffee." He states.

"Does that satisfy your taste buds?"

"I wouldn't be drinking it if I -"
Splinter gives him a death glare, he quickly corrected himself "Yes, yes it does."
"That is what I thought." I finish making Master Splinters green tea n' honey. "Serves up!" I slide the tea cup across the table.

"Thank-you Michelangilo." He bows his head than asked "May I try some of your 'awesome' coffee?" Leo's mouth drops in utter surprise at Splinter's request, he even paused his 'Space Heroes' marathon time. Raphie stuck his foot with his sai, I hold back a laugh.
"Is it wrong for a master rat to try a cup of coffee?"

"No probemo, Dr. Sheifinstin is on the move. I could be here, I could be there, I could be anywhere! How can you stop what you can't even see coffee maker! Ha!!" Rushing around the kitchen I finally finish the world's best mug of coffee. It's soo hard not to be reeled in by temptation.

"Bona petite!" I make a 'perfect' sign with my fingers and lightly place it infront of him.

"Thank you Michelangelo I think this will taste delightful."
He places his lips upon the steaming mug, my eyes grow big with anticipation.

"Sooo what you think?"

"I would have thought you would have known that I'd want sugar with my coffee, not coffee with my sugar."

"Sorry?" I say questionably and confused. like that's how I make my coffee, Donnie forbid me to make his though I don't know why. I measured it like the instructions said and put one half tsp of sugar in the coffee. I didn't no what TSP means, but I do now! Raphi told me it means teacup. So I fill every cup to the top with sugar!

"I will make you coffee Master Splinter, the right way." Don shoots me the look of disgust and remorse. "Don't ever disrespect coffee like that again."
He waddles away, OOOOO I LOVE THAT SONG!!
"And he waddled away; waddle, waddle. Then he waddled away; waddle, waddle. Then he waddled away; waddle, waddle. Till the very next day. Bum bum bum budadadada!!!!"

"Haha, wow, I can't believe a teenager actually sing that crap."
"Just ignore him Raph." Leo rolls his eyes and continues watching 'Space Heroes'.
"Crybaby bishop."
Raph twirls his sai in between his fingers, smirking at me pouting.
"You're just a BIG, FAT, MEANIE!!" hot tears well up into my eyes then falls racing to the finish down my face. My bottom lip quivers " why are you always so mean to me Raphael!? Why!?!" I cover my face with my hands and quickly head for my room.

"Mikey wait! I didn't mean-" I slammed the door, cutting him off in mid stream. Crying harder I. bounce on to my bed and bury my face is the soft feather pillow.
"I wove wou pillwo." I say still choking in my waterfall of tears. "I wove you collection of dirty underwear & I wove you molding pizza." I whisper under my breath getting under composure. Suddenly my eyelids start to feel heavy, then it all goes black.

{★‡ Now would be a good time to play the song, if not dine already‡★}

Why is there a talking pickle, No it's a cucumber! Who am I to judge, I'm a talking ninja turtle for petes sake.
"Hey yo bro!" I try to say, yet nothing comes out. I try to move, but I can't. ugh! it's one of those dreams, the one you can't interact in. I hate those. So, I guess I'll just sit here like a bump on a log and twiddle my thumbs until the dreams over. Ugh! Wait is a cucumber singing - about PIZZA?!?!?

"Pizza Angel please come to me! Tomato sauce with cheese so gooey! Pizza Angel I'm on my knees, tomato sauce with cheese so heavenly!"

Then all of the sudden angels come floating down from the ceiling. The CEILING!! wearing pizza t-shirts and red skinny jeans. is that (y/n)!? Dang, she's the best Pizza Angel I've eva scene. her ec eyes and her gorgeous cheeky smile just made my day. I sigh heavily.
*Dream Over*

My eyes flutter back to reality as I stare at my ceiling. Fungus, I can't see my skateboarder Pizza angel.... Is that Bologna stuck to the ceiling, by mustard? YUM!

{★‡ You should be proud, this is my longest chapter yet!‡★}

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