Thinking about you: Donatello

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Her eyes sparkle in the moonlight, you smile makes it even later. Lighter. whoa whoa whoa hold up - boom - Chemicals explode in my face. That's the third time today alone that I've messed up. and its only 2 in the morning! her sarcasticness is ringing in my head, along with her laughter which is making me feel my experiments. I might as well just stop; if I continue I'll probably use a bowling mutagen I have. I look over at Dr. Cluckingsworth "I think I'm in love." I slur staring into space.

The Doctor (Haha doctor) anyways, she picks at her keypad and I read
'More than April!?'
"I think so." she nods and pecks again. "Ohhw!" I exclaim, feeling frustrated I bury my face into my hands.
'Did you get her number?'
She starts to slap me with your wings.
"Okay, Okay I get it Stop! i whine, finally she hinders and flops to her bed. Sighing loudly I flwap onto my bed confused as all get out. What is happening to me?
Do I like April, the first girl I've meet and loved? Or (/), a gorgeous female I only met two days ago....

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