Thinking about you: Raphael

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Everybody is acting super weird, including Mikey as in he's weirder than normal. He's not being annoying! I'm just so confused you know. I cant get my mind off of (y/n). Its like every single second of everything I do she's part of it. For example; when I punch the dummy, I imagin her hot self judo-flipping me. Like what the SHELL! Her abs were so- Raph, your mind is perverted. I make one last kick at the dummy, and whip my forehead with a rage.
"Hey, Don. Tell Splinter that I'm goin out."
He mumbles something and stares at his computer. Not like usual tho, he's staring at it like he stares at April. How was (y/n) not afraid of me. Something's tugging at the back of my mind, but I don't know what.

I head out of the sewers, hoppin on roofs, punching some bad guys, you know the usual. Finally I come to a familiar roof. I'm at (y/n)? How do I even know where she lives?!
The voice tugs on my mind again, this time I understand it. 'Because you've been here before you moron! Remember, hot, sexy chic, with ( h/l) (h/c) hair?' I wonder if she's busy. Than out of nowhere loud music comes from below me. Yep definitely here house. I jump down to the fire escape. My eyes widen, with my mouth agape. She seriously needs to get blinds, or curtains; people could watch her punch the crap out of stuff. Than want to take her for there own. She punches her punching bag in a hot pink tanktop and some short shorts. A sly smile creeps about onto my face when she stops and puts her hands on her hips. Dang.... Than she starts to unchange her clothes. And nosebleed. Maybe she shouldn't get blinds......

{★‡Luna here, this chapter is dedicated to terrafur56 hope you liked it. *smiles evily *‡★}

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