Thinking about him: Donatello

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I insert my black earbuds and stride to my very to the first class of the day; Art. Woho!!!!! I sit at my chosen seat. across from my best friend LeeLee. Pulling out my sketchbook and opening it to the next available blank page, I start to draw. My mind zones out, I don't know what I'm drawing till I hear LeeLee asking me what the heck the picture is. Glancing down I see the nerdy turtle Donatello in a light '6H' pencil drawing.
"Hello, earth to (y/n). Step out of the Tartis will ya?"  She annoyingly waves her hand infront of my face. "What's that?" She reaches across the table snatching a slip of paper from my lavender jacket pocket. "Wait! Give it back!" I pronounce. Opening the folded paper a smirk crosses her face. "Who's Donnie?" My eyes widen as a blush creeps across my face, I hide behind my hair.
"N- a person."
"No duh." I reach for the slip of paper, and she jurks it just high enough out of my reach. "Come on." I pout "Not until you tell me."  I give her that 'seriously' look. "jdjdAjdCjdhdjUjdjdThdiebfosEjfjeownxoGuekfoUjeoenY— now give it back!" I plead "Fine, but you WILL tell me." She glares at me, than smiles evily while giving me the note.
"I shall find out." Than she continues her drawing of Dave.
{★(Anybody who knows who this is I will love you forever)★}  Looking down at the slip of paper I read:

         'Dear (Y/n),
   I was wondering- well here is my cell number if you ever. need help with anything, like homework. Soo yea.
518-748- 9648

I silently squeal under my breath and shove the paper in my pocket before my friend Alexis wants to see it...

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