Meeting him: Donatello

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"Perfect!" I shout staring at my painting "Nope, never mind." I added darker tint to the background. "Better." I get up from my stool accidently triping over it. I get up and head to the kitchen to clean up my paint brushes. I hear my phone beeping, telling me that I have received the message.

¶ Where are you!?

OMG. I am so sorry I forgot.¶

¶ Get your butt over here now!

Yes ma'am.¶

¶ If your father finds out...

But he wont find out though right?¶


Unbelievable. See, this is stuff I don't like. I ask something, I ask a question and nobody answeres it. It's like I'm an invisible person no one cares, they only care that I'm there to make them look better. Im there to 'supposedly', how they say it, 'cheer' them on. Which of course I never do for them. Expecially my stepmom. I grab my olive color napsake that my REAL mom gave me, before she died in one of her military jets. I still think Dad loves her and misses her just, in his own way. I sprint out the door, and accidentally trip over my untied shoe lace, I'm so clumsy. I lock the door and tie my shoe, I make sure I have everything I need. "Phone, check. Keys, check. Bag, check. Looks like I have everything." I say aloud.

I walk to the nearest gas station to purchase my favorite drink, Faygo..
I see a man behind the cashier desk wearing a black hoodie "Excuse me sir? Sir?" I question the cashier, red catches my eye. How could I've not noticed before?! Blood is spattered across the floor in a trail around isle. Curiosity gets the best of me and I start to follow blood. I gasp, it's the ORIGINAL cashier. That only means, oh no. I clasp onto my pocket knife in my lavender jacket, walking slowly but sherly to the exit. 'Great just great, I have officially walked into a robbery. That's checks that off my bucket list.'.

"Don't you dare think about it!" The man rumbles. I turn and see the man dressed in black (No not the foot soldiers) holding a pistol. "Hand it over." He does a gimme heater with his hand.

"Give you what?" I play innocently

"Your phone your moron!"

"I do not have one."

"Don't play innocent with me! Every teen has a cell phone!!"

"Is it that obvious?" I role my eyes, still having a grip on the knife. I swiftly kick the guy in the; well, you know, and stab his hand. He drops the gun and stares at the small red pocket knife still embedded in his hand and falls to the ground groaning in utter pain. One of his henchman grabbs the gun and points it at me. "Put the girl in the back with the rest." the guy that I stabbed and kicked haulers. He gives me a death glare, I return the favor.

'Bing' The store door opens "Hello!" I wiz around and see a giant talking turtle with a dark purple mask! Everything happened so fast, he twirls, his stick in between his fingers knocking out knocking out the three bandits near him, then the one holding onto my arm. He smiles brightly, showing a surprisingly cute gap between his teeth.

"Hi-I'm Donatello."

"(Y/n)." I say still astonished

"Nice job-" he hands me back the knife "-you have some skills"

"Thanks." I say slightly blushing "My dad taught me."

"So, you are not scared?"

"Umm, I just had two guns pointed at my head. I don't think I could be any more scared then I was just then."

"So is that a no?"

"What do you think smarty?"


I face palm "Nevermind, and thanks for saving me."

"No problem." he twirls his staff and slides it on his back.

"Cool stick." I say reaching for the Faygo, he looks at me offended.

"I'll have you know that this, is a long skinny weapon generally made from hard wood. They vary in size but are up to 6 feet average length. They were one of the earliest used by one of the oldest Japanese fighting styles called "Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū"."

"Come again?" I pull out five bucks and lay it, on the counter.

"It's a Bo."

"You mean Bo staff." I say nonchalantly.

"Actually Bo is the Japanese word for staff in English. So technically if you say 'Bo staff' you are really saying 'staff staff'."
"Wow, things you can learn from a -" Sirens start to wail, and I see the flashing lights of red and blue.

"Come with me." He picks me up bridal style and races for thwack exit. "Nope, I am totally NOT coming with you." I sarcastically state...

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