Meeting him: Raphael

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"Move! Get out of here!" A green bottle is thrown at my head. I duck just in time for it to hit the kitchen wall behind me shattering into a million pieces. A piece of glass ricochetes off the wall and into my forearm. I wince pain I stare at my drunken dad. He's now starting to drink his sorrows in beer and watching wrestling matches. "I SAID MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!" I cower, staring at the butcher knife in his hand. I slide to the left of the fridge, he gets another beer then goes back to his Lazy Boy recliner chair. I go to the cupboard and pull out (f/s) and dart upstairs before he could throw that knife at my head; again. 'Why is it that I'm all tough around everybody else, but the people I want to be tough with.' I open my snack and pop one by one into my mouth. I jump causing the food to dump all over me

My mothers home, ugh. I can hear my parents arguing over something stupid again. Last time it was over a toothbrush, A STUPID TOOTHBRUSH! And that was only this morning before she went to work. About a month ago my dad stole her laptop and hid it it; we still don't know where it is. A 'crash' & 'bang' goes off downstairs and a series of curses comes from my Dad. Mom busted up the TV... again. To drown out their horrible voices I put in my (f/c) earbuds and start to listen to (f/s). I changed to a simple black tank top with a sports bra, with black sweatpants that has white streak on either side. I start to beat the heck out of my punching bag. I think its was the most sensible thing my parents did for me, which was getting the punching bag. They said that they would only get it for me if I stop killing walls. I sneak out my window after I've got a few rounds and outta me, and climb out onto the fire escape. It's one of the few places I call comforting, I also bellow my feelings out to the neighbors cactus. "I hate you! Why the shuck do you always have to be such a gosh dang Bishop!!!!" I rip some old piping off the roof and put all my anger and hatred in bending the pipe.

"Dang, you angry? What did the pipe ever do to you?"
I turn quickly saying "Who's there!? I'm warning you, I can kick your butt!" The male voice scoffs "Right what ever."

"Fine then, if you're too scared to show yourself- then I'll find you and whip you into shape!"

"I'm not scared!"





I stick out my tongue trying to instigate him. He comes out into the light, my jaw drops. A giant talking lizard! Epic! How did he get his, muscles to be soooo big!!

"Wait, you're not running?"

" I role my eyes "Why should I, I've seen more uglyer." I smirk. He growls; no literally, he growled like a dog. Than a smile forms on his face.
"Raphael, but I prefer Raph."
"As in the painter Raphael?" I hold in a laugh.
"Yeah, got a problem with that buddy?"
"Nope, the name, is (y/n)." I extend my hand to shake his, he takes it to shake. Yet instead of shaking his hand like he expected, I Judo-flip him over my shoulder.
"That's for calling me a whimp." I say going back inside my room. I'm guessing he got up because he grabs my arm. I turn to see a very red Raph blushing hard, he then let's go and stares at the ground.
"Here, take this." He gives me a slip of paper, opening it I see his cell number. I look up about to say something, but he was gone....

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