Meeting him: Leonardo

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Going home from (fav/activity), I hear foot steps behind me. I quicken my speed listening to their pace, noticing that it's in rhythm with mine. I go down an alley not noticing till later, but that was probably not the best idea. I lift my (f/c) Hood over my head, and start to turn a corner. I stopped dead in my tracks, I'm at a dead end.
"Hello sweetheart." I turn frantically coming face to face with the man who has been following me. He's a big muscular, burley man, and he has a dark brown beard. It coincidentally rains, making my hair and clothes soaking wet. 'Where you think you goin." He slowly moves closer towards me, backing me into the concrete wall. I stay silent sliding down the wall, tears fall from my eyes. I close them, bracing my self for what's ahead. Nothing comes. I remove my hands that covered my face and see the man who was previously towering above me now beaten up and brused in the opposite of corner.

"Hello?" I lift my self up to a stand, taking of my hood to reveal my eyes."Come on out, can I not see my hero?" It is still silent, I turn to leave until 'thump' Slowly turning around, the moonlight shines dimly on a pair of giant green feet. Moving my head upwards to see a turtle?! I cover my mouth with my hand backing out of the ally.
"Shh Shh Shh it's OK, I am Leonardo. What's you name?"
"(Y-y/n)" I studder. Looking at him more I see that he has sparking dark blue eyes with a matching mask.
"That is a very beautiful name."
"Thank you. And thanks for saving me from, well, you know."
"You are very welcome."
He jumps on top of some trash cans, accidentally falling though it and scares away cat. I giggle at his actions, he blushes.
"Will I ever see you again?" I ask.
"Of course my lady." he tilts his head, then he jumps on top of the roof tops disappearing into the shadows.

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