Counting one two three...- Part II

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Since wattpad was so nice to delete half of the imagine.. i'm forced to write it again- not that i mind! *eyebrow wiggle*
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Yusei's POV:

I can't...take this...anymore...

I groaned and pushed my leg up between Nicole's, making her moan and causing her powers which held my hands together to weaken. I took the chance and sat up, pushing her on her back again, making her yelp in suprise.

"Y-yusei" She moaned quietly as I pinned her hands above her head, smirking down at her, getting her legs around my waist.

" It's not fair if you use your powers, baby.. It's against the rules" she smiled back at me "The rules you just made up? Okay then, you'll have to punish me, won't you?" She smirked and then rolled her hips against mines making me groan.

Jesus fuck she has such an effect on me when she's like this...

But it's enough. Now i'm in charge, and I'm punishing her. This is her punishment after all, not mine.

I put a hand on her lower belly holding her still. " Don't move, babe ", I said and smirked again, letting her hands go and taking my boxers off.

She looked at my member and blushed, like it's the first time she's seeing it. But I can't say it's not cute.
" Like what you see? " Her face went completely red and she put a hand over it. " No ", she said as I chuckled at how immature and child-like she can be. Is it legal to be so perfect?

" Mm.. " I mumbled and then nibbled on her neck making her gasp. " I can't wait anymore, I want you.. " I whispered in her ear seductively, feeling her roll her body against mine and moan, it was a green flag for me.

I put my hands on her hips and position myself, my face still burried in her neck, as she messed with my hair with her fragile hands.

I couldn't hold back anymore, I just wanted to take here right now and here, so I did exactly that. I pushed in her all the way in, making her almost scream out in pleasure.

" Ughhh yesss " I groaned as I slammed into her, nibbling on her neck, as she let out her moans directly in my ear, arousing me even more. " Yeah you like that, don't you? " I said as I lifted one of her legs on my shoulder giving me even more access.

I slammed harder and deeper, when Nicole screamed when I hit a certain spot inside her. That's all i needed to know that yes, she likes that.

This went on for a while, our moans floating in the room, her nails scratching down my back.... it was all too much, I wanted it to last forever.

But soon, I felt a familiar knot at the back of my spine and I groaned, speeding up even more, making Nicole literally claw at ny back and bite her lip in a failed attempt to hide her scream of ectasy.

Then it his us both. She screamed my name and came all over me, as I followed after a few more thrusts, groaning her name in her ear, and coming deep inside of her making her mewl.

I panted as I pulled out of her, and laid next to my girlfriend, hugging her from behind, noticing she's shaking. It was pretty chilly, but I doubt she's shivering because of that, if you know what I mean.

I pulled a blanket over us and planted soft kisses all over her neck until she calmed down.

" Yusei? " She said, and I 'hmm-ed' in response. " I'm sorry I yelled at you back then, I was just jealous.. " She said and blushed as she admitted that. I chuckled and pulled her closer. " It's okay, it was a misunderstanding anyway.. "

" On the other side, you sounded very sexy just moments ago " I smirked as she went completely red and pulled a blanket over her head. " Good night Yusei " I could hear through the covers over her face.

I chuckled. " Good night, babe " I pulled the blanket off of her head just enough so I could kiss her forehead and then hugged her even tighter, soon enough both of us falling into a deep sleep in each other's arms....

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