welcome to hopeless

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Tay's POV

we were greeted by the women and she told us to sit down and wait till the person who is in charge or AKA our future manager

while we waited most of us were on our phones and Rob was reading some magazine that was on the table in the center of the room. after he finished the got up and asked the women behind the computer where the bathroom was

he left out of the room and I just went back to being on my phone. I tweeted

@tayjardine the band is going to get signed so pumped

I put my phone back in my pocket and I closed my eyes i didn't get enough sleep I guess and I'm tried. as soon as I shut my eyes I heard a scream I opened my eyes and I saw Rob come through the door again

we all looked up and he looked like he saw something or some one out of this world. The lady at the desk told him to keep quite and he flushed with embarrassment. he came up to us and said

"guess who I just saw?" we all looked perplexed and Mike said "no we don't want to guess just stop it out chianelli"

"okay when I was going to the bathroom, I got a bit lost and i ended up in the recording studio booth thing right? and I said "wait that's not the bathroom!" And I turn around to leave and I bumped into .....

he paused we all were waiting for him to just spit it out and we said "AND??!" We all shouted. he laughed and said "I bumped into ALEX GASKARTH" The guy from all time low.

i said "gosh Rob you sound like a fan girl" we all laughed and he said "no really tho I did bump into him, and i said I'm sorry and left out the room, then I found the bathroom"

jordan said "what if they are recording here for their next album we could run into them? or like anything could happen guys" as if on cue all the guys' inner fangirling came out mines was still in, don't get me wrong I like all time low but I'm not a big fan as the guys I guess

anways as that unfolded a guy came out and said "hello guys you must be "in the crowd?" he shook all our hands and said alright now that we are all here lets get to business,

so we heard the demo the band had recorded and I must say I'm impressed like this band is like no other, sure they always say every band that has front women are the next paramore but let's face it all The bands have unique singers

and no one will ever sound like Hayley Williams because she has a voice like no other and I'm sure Tay has a voice like no other too and every band has different sound so my point is you are not the next paramore you guys have a unique thing paramore hasn't

I said "and what's that" he smiled and said " you have Jordan" we all looked at one another and then looked at Jordan and then back to the man

yes that's right guys you have Jordan and he is like our secret weapon of you will. I think you are all a bit confused I'm guessing, what I mean is that since you have Jordan

singing as well it makes this band unique than any other women fronted band because this band "the in crowd" has a boy girl dynamic duo and they way Tay and Jordan sing togther makes this band amazing and for many people to hear you

anyways back to signing you I have this contract with me all you have to do is sign but if you want to read it go ahead no tricks intended we like to welcome you to the hopeless records family

He took out he contract and later it out on the table in front of us that had the magazines on top of it Mike took it first and read over it and started humming in agreement and looked at us and then to the guy and he said can you give us a minute

The guy said sure he them looked at us and said let's go talk in the corner about this we all stood up and walked over to the corner we all looked at Mike and he just laughed we all looked confused and cameron said

"what's that you want to tell us is the contract bullshit or what?" Mike laughed some more and said "I dunno guys I just wanted it to look like that scene in the movie where you and your team want to agree to the opposing team but you like talk shit

behing their back and stuff but no guys the contract is agreeable no bullshit we should take this opportunity and become the band we wanted to be let's get the contact and sign it

we went back to sit down and we signed the contract they guy smiled and said welcome to hopeless records guys he shook out hands once more and said "I hope you guys can write an ep soon it would be great

If you started as soon as possible we smiled and i said we were actually doing that already we wrote a few songs but- the guy cut me off and said "very well we'll be looking forward to hearing it.

With that he left and we decided to leave the office to go back to the hotel room since we left Jessica we all went in the elevator and when it was about to close I forgot I left my phone in the couch we sat on

I stoped the elevator and went running back to get it so I wouldn't keep the guys waiting as soon as I turn the corner I bump into someone and I went falling to the floor and rubbed my head to sooth the pain

I looked up and saw Alex gaskarth the lead singer of all time low what the hell? he offered me his hand and I took it he helped me up "sorry" I said and he laughed

and said "don't worry about it maybe slow down a little next time" I laughed and said "yea nice seeing you" I went walking to the door and he said "wait!" He ran up to me and said "I never caught your name?"

I smiled at him and said "the names Jardine Taylor Jardine" he laughed and said wow nice James bond introduction I said "I try" "well nice to meet you Taylor Jardine"

I said "please call me Tay I don't like when people use my full name I like it short and because when people use Taylor I feel like I'm getting in trouble"

he laughed and said you are somethig tay" I laughed and said "yea and I'm guessing you name is Alexander Gaskarth" he laughed and said I didn't know my band was that famous,

I take it your a fan I laughed and said some what along those lines you could say I am a fan just not one of those big fans like my band mates where they fangirled because one of them ran into you and told the rest of us and they fangirled I laughed and so did he

he said "was he a guy that had a blond patch like Jack in his hair? I smiled and said "yea that's the one" he said "what are you guys here for?" I said "oh we just got signed and he smiled and said "that's great congrats welcome to the hopeless family"

he gave me a hug said what's your bands name "in the crowd" he said "nice" I thanked him I told him I had to leave and that I forgot my phone in the room and I also didn't want to keep the guys waiting he also have me his number and

with that I grabbed my phone and left I took the elevator down and saw the guy Mike was the first to speak "damn it Tay what took so long, unless you got lost" I smiled and said

"no I just bumped into Alex gaskarth" they all looked at each other and Cameron said "damn it first Rob then Tay when is it my turn I wanna run into him or alteast Jack" I laughed and we all headed back to the hotel I went up to my room

and I saw Jessica on her bed eating chips and watching tv she looked up and said you're back with out any shoes she left the room and probably went to look for Jordan ugh I laid on my bed and pulled my phone out and tweeted

@TayJardine our band got signed so good to be part of the hopeless records fam @jordaneckes @cameronhurley @mikeferri @robchianelli

As soon as my phone went to sleep my phone buzzed and I got a notification on Twitter from Alex Gaskarth

@alexalltimemlow : happy to welcome "in the crowd" to the hopeless family @tayjardine @cameronhurley @jordaneckes @robchianelli @mikeferri

after that tweet I got a notification that Alex followed me and hopeless records it was an amazing feeling
"Welcome to hopeless records"

well guys sorry for taking so long in updating I apologize I've been very lazy and procrastinating but I will make sure to update more frequently I also logged in and saw that I reached 1k reads amazing that made me wanna keep writing so thanks for sticking with me love you lots - jackbarakitty

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