Flashback: No POV

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5 days. The identical boys looked at each other hopelessly.

The girl sat across from them on the train sobbing. It wasn't Dauntless like, but she didn't care. They didn't care either.

The boys wanted to see their baby sister's contrasting smile. The devil of it hidden with an angelic, innocent child.

5 days ago, the man, their father, had been murdered. The girl had been there, watched it with terror.

"Come my boy. Let us kill this man who stole my rank." The fowl man had growled to his devil of a son.

The boy smiled and the wicked man stabbed the other male in the back with a knife. The man fell forward, the hidden girl screamed. The evil man saw the late man's startled face and gasped. This wasn't the man he was after. They ran. They ran and ran, the girl doing the same, rushing for help.

The brother's watched their sister hopelessly.

They heard a yip. The yip of a puppy. She looked at them, her hunger showing. She saw the girl and trotted over. The puppy licked the girls face clear of tears and the child laughed a bit.

By the time they got back headquarters, the boys didn't dare part the dog and girl. It made her happy, which made them happy.

As the years passed, the boys saw her train hard, the dog at her side. Much like her master, the dog became a masked terror. With a cute, fluffy look and sweet, harmless name, the girl and dog's favorite game was to throw off initiates.

Marshmallow. That was the dog's name.

And her master, the girl from the train, was Tris.

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