"Monster, stay away from me!"

I heard a woman'stern voice scream badly as she sat in her knees. The mud was slowly swallowing her and she trembled vigorously. Her hand held a sharp knife that was stained with fresh blood. Drops of a deep, dark crimson liquid slipped slowly from the sharp blade. 

In front of her, stood a barefoot little boy. He wore blue pajama pants and a shirt that was stained with the red color of the blood. His tiny hand tried to stop the bleeding, and possibly the pain that must have been erupting through his abdomen. 

The boy's face showed absolutely no sign of emotion; his eyes showed nothing besides an endless bleakness that seemed to go on forever and ever. He didn't seem scared but rather relieved. 

The only thing that the boy had was a frozen smile that seemed plastered on his face. His small body was numb, it refused to move and reach towards the woman who was standing, or rather sitting to her knees, in front of him. Her fierce shouts were accompanied by fat tears that shook her whole body. She pointed the knife towards him and screamed louder and louder, "Die monster, die, I should never have given birth to you!"

What happened next was surrounded by a thick veil of choking smoke and the boy felt like the very pits of hell had opened onto him, and he was swallowed in its depths... 

It was a dream I had each time I was drinking or fighting. Sometimes the woman smiled at me, but at times she would change and hit me, then call me names but it always ended with that faceless woman dying and burning while she still yelled that I should die... 

I opened my eyes and the first thing that I felt was my body feeling all heavy and sweaty, while a warm breeze  caressed my skin. Glancing at the sky, I noticed that the clouds were pregnant with rain, clearly the sky was willing to cry for me, if not help me cry my heart out. I allowed a shy smile to blossom on my face. I couldn't cry anymore.  

I heard a low mumble near me; my head throbbed and my mouth was dry. Titling my head to one side, I let out a sigh and mentally cussed - a single word - fuck. 

"How the fuck did I end up on your garden bench again, Mikhail?" I asked the guy with a hint of irritation. The boy usually slept on me while his head sunk into my neck, our legs were tangled; he mumbled something again but refused to open his eyes. 

I pushed him away from me and stood up, only to sit back down again. The ground below me was in a state of movement. My stomach's contents rose up steeply, but I swallowed everything back down; a bitter taste dominated my mouth and I felt nauseated. 

"Stay still, babe..." He winked at me while wrapping the blanket around his waist, clearly covering his naked body. Cracking an eyelid open to adjust to the light and the moving ground, I glanced at him. I fucking hated this shit that was before my eyes. 

"I found you passed out on the park bench and I couldn't leave you there..." He slowly trailed his tongue on his lips and I shuddered. 

"You were at that party last night, bitch!" I tried to shout, but the pain from my head wouldn't let me. I was in no mood to fix the issue; the pain I felt was reminding me that I was still alive. 

"So?" He asked while sitting near me, smirking. Staring at him, I felt my blood boil. If he didn't have his cute face and his tiny body, I could have fucking beaten the shit out of him, at this very moment. I never fight with people who were weaker and smaller than me. He knew that, but someday that might just change if he continued to pull all these dirty tricks on me just to have me in his bed. 

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