Princeton Love Story(rated-r)

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the park

l;u going to the mb concert

m;idk what's so special about them

l; :-o u crazy they hot especially prodigy

fine!!!I'll go

l;yay ttylxox

At the mindless behavior concert

l;im so happy we get to meet them

m;(rolling eyes)whatever

mb;(singing girls talking bout)MY FAV SONG!!!!!EVER IN THE WORD)

Princeton look onto ur eyes and wink and smiles at u

m;(blushes)can we leave now

l;um yea but we gotta go to the meet+greet

Now back stage

L;i saw u staring into prince eyes

M;(Blushes)Sooo...he looked into mine's

l;cuz!!!HE LIKE U!!!!

meeting mb

prod;hey beautiful what bring u here


ray;NO I DID

prod,roc and ray start arguing over l

prince;hola mami

m; hola papi

prince; u speak Spanish


prince,u wanna hang out sometime


prince,bye sexy


prince,(staires at ur ass while u walk away)ohh yea

At ur house

u walk inside ur room and u had a txt from prince

p,hey bae


p,u want to come over



m,my mom

p,what happened

m, mom is leaving to go to lv and she is leaving for two months and i gotta say in the house

p,well...can i come over

m,idc bring some clothes to ok bye


(They being sarcastic in this part)

The door bell rings

m,who is it

p,pizza delivery

m,i didn't order pizza i only asked for a hot sexy cute guy

p,just open the door

m,ok papi

p,(kisses u patently) i miss u

m,lets go up stairs

(10 minutes later)


p,say my name


p,say it louder

m,ahh!!!JACOB FASTER!!!!

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