XLIII. Yet to Meet

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hello, i just wanna clarify that whenever a chapter doesn't connect to the happenings of the last one (for example this chapter) it means that a few days have passed - a longer time skip such months would only happen if the chapter actually states it.)


Since it's a Friday, Minji thought it would be a good idea to invite everyone to hang out at a cafe after school.

Fridays are the days when everyone is least busy, which means that they can get to see each other.

As soon as her professor said goodbye, she walked out of the door with much haste, excited to spend the rest of the day with those she cherishes.

Out she went to the hallways filled with lockers, speeding through to get to hers immediately.

She replaced the books inside her bag with those in her locker that she needed. As usual, Minji organized them afterward - placing them in order of tallest to shortest.

Her locker was actually really cute. You'd find a lot of trinkets that are connected to her personal life - such as her good luck trinkets, a hand-sized teddy bear, and pictures of her and her family taped on the back of the door.

She closed the locker door as soon as she finishes, noticing that Levi was within the area too. The building they were in was where all science-related matters are. Naturally, Minji was there because she's a med student, and Levi was there because his class stayed at one of the laboratories.

"Levi!!" she shouted - immediately catching the attention of the younger boy.

"Hmm?" he said as soon as he was near her.

"Did you get my text? Will you join us?" she asked.

"Well I would, but I'm not sure if I can stay, I might be suddenly called for something." Levi said in a fishy tone, scratching the back of his head as he spoke.

"Like what? It's a Friday."


"Fine. But just stay with us until you need to go. Plus, I really want you to meet Jungwon. You guys have a lot in common, you actually remind me of him when I first met him."

She wrapped her arm around his, dragging him along to the cafe where they'd meet up with the other boys.

(I just realized all minji's friends are boys, what a pick me girl /j)


"Hello!" Minji greeted everyone at the table.

She looked around, quick to see that they're never complete, well, at least for now.

"Ni-ki's not here again? She asked the person to her right - Heeseung.

But before he could answer her, Sunoo already did, and he answered in a pissed tone.

"He's not gonna be here. Let's stop wondering if he'll ever join us."

Heeseung had a grimacing face as he shook his head, telling Minji to refrain from talking about Ni-ki.

She quickly stayed away from the topic - deciding to just talk to the person beside her.

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