Chapter 15

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I woke up from someone snoring out loud. I slowly opened my eyes and i saw Ty leaning against me, sleeping softly.

So the thing that happened yesterday wasnt a dream?

I smiled. I slowly stood up so that Ty wont wake up. Maybe this time its my turn making breakfast for him. I grabbed the throw pillow on the sofa and put it under Tys head. I checked my scratch on my arm. It still hurts a little but thanks to the treatment Ty gave me it doesnt hurt that much. I guess i can still cook. i opened the fridge and i can see a bunch of food. But i only took eggs because i want to cook him an omelet. People said that my omelet taste good so i guess i let Ty taste my omelet. I got the other ingredients and chopped them. I started heating up the pan and cook the omelet.

After thats done i got a plate so i could put the omelet there. I saw Ty standing right before he enters the dining room. He looks so confused with his bed hair. He still looks cute even when his hair is all messed up. "I made you breakfast!" I told him while i hold up the pan with omelet. He still looks curious. "Why?" He asked.
I gestured him to take a seat right before i answered him. " because this is what you get right after you made me that delicious breakfast last time" i smiled and he smiled back. He took a seat and i grabbed a plate for him. I got only 1 plate so that made Ty got curious again. "Arent you gonna eat?" He asked. I just simply said no.

I gave him an omelet on his plate. Slicing it in half so that he could try some. Im really nervous on what will his reaction be. He might not like it, even though this is my 3rd time cooking that omelet. To be honest people like it someone but i dont know about Ty. He took a small bite and he looks suprised. "You made this?" His eyes widened even more. I nodded.

'Oh shit he doesnt like it,Sky!' A voice echoed inside my head.

He took another bite and this time his mouth slowly turned into a smile. "I love it! Thank you, Sky!" He said without even looking at me. Its a good thing that he didnt look at me thought because my face turns red again.

'Get your shit together, Sky' a voice inside my head echoed again.

I calmed down and sat down right infront of him. "Im glad you liked it. I thought you wont like it. And yeah..." I took a sip of my coffee, not looking at his cute face. "For a guy who likes hazelnut coffee... Really has some taste in cooking too. 10 outta 10" he smiled and i smiled back.

Right after he was done eating. He volunteered to wash the dishes since i cooked for him. I refused but he said its fine.
I sat down in the living room first while waiting for him to finish.right after when he was done i told me to get ready for work. "Dont you have work too?" I asked him. He nodded and told me that he was coming with me.
I was really confused. He got in his bedroom and i heard him, talking someone on his telephone.
"Yes, Auntie i want to go with him. I promise i will make it up to you.... Uhuh? Yes ... Thank you so much! Yes he is fine now. Bye, Auntie!"

Well i guess he is coming with me now, thats great!

We took a bath and dressed up for work. He allowed me to borrow on one of his clothes so i wont go back to my house again. He said that the shirt is still too big for him so the shirt just sits in his closet for a long time. But in all honesty it doesnt smell like an old closet odor. It smells good.

"You know,Sky... The funny thing that Auntie told me awhile ago was that i can come with you if you take care of me and look after me.. I mean isnt that funny? Im old enough to take care of myse-" i cutted him off.

"Ill take care of you. Ill look after you. You know why? Because youre special to me Ty. Youre more than a friend to me."

'Shit, Sky what did you just said.'

I saw him smile. A smile with a many reasons. A smile that has no other emotions meaning.
He looks cute.

"I like you, Ty."

'Shit i said it!'

"I like you too, Sky. The feeling is officially mutual." And then he smiled.

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