The Facility

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The building was large, covered in black brick and tinted windows. The sun had started to slightly raise as they had finally arrived at the building.

Ella sat patiently in the trunk, looking out the back window of the large SUV. She could see the long driveway that they were on and the dark, dead grass that accompanied it.

"Yep...this is my sisters place alright..." she murmured

"What?" Said a guard

"Huh?" Said the other

"Didn't you say something?" The guard replied

" I've been driving and quiet this whole time."

"My mistake." The guard said as he returned to glancing out the window.

Ella chuckled but slightly jolted as the car came to a stop.

A large door of sorts opened and a bright white light had shown. Ella watched as the array of SUVS ahead of them entered the building and the one she was inside followed them.

She covered her eyes as they entered into the white-well lit area. She hissed quietly before her eye could adjust but once they did she noticed the way the garage was covered floor to ceiling in white. A milky white that caused the light to reflect more than she'd like.

Ella climbed over the seat carefully after the driver and passenger exited the vehicle. She settle in a crouch on the floor of the backseat as the back doors opened.

The two men began grabbing bags and placing them on the ground before being called over by others.

Ella took this as an opportunity and made her way out of the vehicle as the door was left open. She creeps out, and stands fully straight, slapping her head lightly,

"What am I doing? I'm invisible." She reminds her self quietly.

She quickly gets used to the bare floor as her feet quietly slap against it. She glances around the long garage as she watched multiple vehicles being opened and things being removed from them.

She walks over to the SUV that she witnessed Liam getting into. She peaked inside seeing no one.

She released a short huff.

"Where could they be?" She questions


The castle shakes tremendously as you and the seven men run throughout it. At first you were trying to find Elise and end this. But now you're just trying to find the way out.

You could've sworn you heard voices, but ever since your true potential was awakened the world you've been put in has reacted differently.

You're not being chased by grotesque monsters or—


You quickly halt your movements, spinning around you see Yoongi stuck almost. A mass has come from seemingly nowhere and wrapped around his calves.

"Yoongi?" You wonder as you walk towards him, "What is this?"

"What the fuck?"

You glance quickly at Taehyung and he too has a black mass covering by his calves.


You turn again and Namjoon has been thrown in a wall, his body being forced to stay pushed against the wall by again, the mass.

Soon enough all of the men are  trapped in the mass, you being the only one free.

You first try to free Jungkook because he's covered up to his shoulders, he's trying to act as if he's fine but you see the fear he's holding behind his eyes.

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