Part 5- Understanding

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Elizabeth's POV

"You can't be serious!" I followed Robbie around our room as he was packing a bag full of clothing.

"It's not my choice! Listen, I'll be back before you know it." He turned around and held both my hands while looking deep into my pleading eyes.

"I don't understand..." I searched his expression for any remorse but he was a brick wall.

"The band organised a tour of Australia last minute, I'll be home in a couple of months." He sighed and continued to pack, leaving me standing there gobsmacked.

"What about me?! What about Tatiana!" I started to feel rage build up inside of me. Robbie didn't reply and kept his back turned to me. "I can't do everything with filming! She needs 2 people." I walked up to him and clutched his wrist, turning him to face me.

"You'll work it out, I'm sure of it." he kissed my forehead and took the bag off of the bed, leaving the room without another word. What an asshole.

"Liz?" a small voice came from the doorway. I turned to see the small girl in her pyjama's, hugging a stuffed animal close to her chest.

"Oh, hi honey. What are you doing up?" I wiped a tear that decided to appear and put on a small smile, crouching down to Tatiana.

"I am thirsty," she bites her lip, unsure as to if she was in trouble.

"Alright, baby," I pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear and she smiled. I picked her up and carried her downstairs, to the kitchen. I noticed Robbie's keys were gone on the way, he must've already left. Once in the kitchen, I sat Tattie on the counter, grabbing a glass out of an over bench cupboard. "Here," I gave her the water and I held her small dog plushie as she downed the glass.

"Tank you," she cutely gave the glass back and I smiled, placing it in the sink to be washed tomorrow. "Are you okay?" she asks me unexpectedly, catching me off guard.

"Uh- Yes, thanks baby," I nodded and she took her toy dog back, smiling up at me. "Want to go to bed now?" I ask and she nods, holding her hands up for me to pick her up. I wrap my arms around my small miracle and feel so lucky to have her in my life. "Thank you, Tatiana," I kissed the side of her head and she slouched against me, her head lying on my shoulder.

"Can I sleep with you?" she mumbles as I get to the top of the stairs and I chuckle, turning away from her door, making my way to my room.

"Of course, little one," I stood in the doorway to my bedroom and looked over to the open drawers. I huffed in annoyance from my husband and turned off the lights, peeling back the bedsheets. Tatiana lay with her arms around my neck, head resting on my shoulder as I tried to sleep. How will I work and take care of her? She doesn't have kinder tomorrow but I have a whole day of filming, what the hell am I going to do?

                                               ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───── 

I wake up to Tatiana tossing and turning. She always wakes up the moment it hits 5 am, it's kind of freaky how precise her inner clock works. "Tat," I whisper and she opens her eyes, rubbing them when I turn my bedside lamp on.

"No," she mumbles into my pillow and I get up, checking my phone for the time, 5:03 am

"Do you want to come into work with me today?" I ask her and she sits up, a smile coming on her face.

"What is 'work'?" she asks and I tilt my head in thought, searching for a way to explain it.

"It's like grown-up kinder," I smiled at her and her eyes widen with excitement.

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