Hotter Than Hell - Naked Peaks

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Chapter Four – Naked Peaks

Saturday….. No students to teach and sadly no Jason to drool over, I thought bitterly the minute I woke up. The worst part of it all was, today I had to unpack all the boxes I had scattered downstairs when I moved in a week ago, but I would do that after a long nice shower.

“Kaleen should I start breakfast.” My mom called.

I sighed, my mom was what you call overbearing, yeah I loved her but I wish she would give me some breathing space, I was twenty three and she still treated me as if I was a five year old who needed to be taken care of, it really annoyed me when she did that.

“Yes mom you can start breakfast.” I said dully and climbed off the bed to take my shower, unfortunately I couldn’t use the bathroom in my room because that one was broken so I had to use the one down the hall from my room. It wasn’t until I was done bathing that I realized that I had left my towel back in my room.

“What the hell.” I muttered. I could walk back to my room naked right? I mean it was just me and mom in this house. I took one peek at the empty hallway to make sure it was clear just in case before I dashed out. Halfway to my room I slipped and landed flat on my back. I was preparing to get up when I heard someone gasp loudly beside me, I assumed it was my mom, but when I looked up it wasn’t mom it was Jason Greene, standing there looking at me with a mixture of surprise and lust.

I on the other hand sat there on the floor traumatized, unsure of what to, I didn’t know whether to scream at him, cover myself as best as I could with my hands or hit him something so he could look away. His gaze made my body shudder and I wondered what it would feel like to feel his hands roamed my body with passion whiles making love.

Stop it Kaleen stop it, he a boy, my brain screamed at me, but my body was telling me something else, it was asking me to invite Jason to join me on the floor and make love until the sun went down.

We must have remained like that for seconds before he made his move.

“I-I a-am s-sorry I came t-to s-show y-you something.” Jason stammered at the same time he took of his jacket and threw it over me and turned around.

Surprisingly when he did that I felt disappointed, did that mean I wanted him to keep staring at me like some pervert?

“I’ll wait for you downstairs.” He said and turned around to leave quickly.

Still shaken by the whole thing it took me a while to get up and even longer to go downstairs as I didn’t know what to say or how to face him especially with my nosy mom around who would probably be scrutinizing us the whole time.

After I slipped on some jeans and a T-Shirt I went downstairs and found my mom and Jason laughing at something, they seemed to be getting along really well by the looks of it.

“Oh dear there you are, I was about to come get you.” My mom said when she saw me standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

“Well here I am.” I said doing my very best to avoid having to look at Jason, but the fact that I knew he was in the kitchen made me shiver, whether it was because I was nervous having him around or the because of lusty feelings I had for him I wasn’t sure.

“Hey miss Kaleen.” Jason said, as if to tell me he was right there and I should look at him.

“Miss Kaleen? Why are you calling her that.” My mom asked Jason baffled.

“Er because she’s my teacher?” Jason replied unsure of what was going on.

“Your teacher?” mom exclaimed. “I thought you were her boyfriend.”