Chapter One

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Feathers and blood decorated the heavens like firecrackers decorated the sky on the Fourth of July. Thank heaven that Father clouded the humans' sight not to see what was happening today.

Our wars were constant and revolved around one thing. Good vs evil, the Divine against the Fallen.

Swords slicing through flesh followed by cries  as I swung my sword while trusting my wings to fend off and protect my body, keeping me in this war.

Micheal's scream filled the heaven, and vibrated through my soul. I stopped mid-air and focused my attention to find him, to assist. We couldn't lose our general and the blood lust coming from the Fallen for Michael grew the past millennia.

My eyes darted through the fighting figures. Dark on White. Every few minutes dark smoke and bright light filled the skies. Dark smoke that a fallen was lost and bright light that a divine is now more.

"Cielo, watch out!" Uriel's voice came with a scorching pain seeping through the muscle of my wing. I gasped as it seared through my shoulder, giving one of the fallen the chance to clasp its talons around me.

The sulfur clung to them as the scent of the seasons clung to the Divine. His stink irritated my nostrils. 

"You are through, Cielo" His red eyes pierced through me and I muster all the strength I possessed.

My divine dagger finally appeared, something I'd been struggling with since I was a cherub. Everything they had told us in training was true. The first time your dagger appeared felt like your favorite things in this entire world. It came with the coldness of a cool stream on a hot day in my hands, like whips of clouds when I flew through a cloudy sky. Who would have thought that it would appear for its first time with my last breath?

"I'm not afraid to die, Melatos. But know one thing. I'm taking you with me!" I pushed the dagger in the side of his torso and the beast drew his head back and left out a growl. The light coming from my dagger, mixing with the foul rot inside of him, grew bigger.

My jabs came faster as I stabbed him repeatedly while we spiraled to the ground. The pain disappeared fast as the earth came closer.

I closed my eyes. "I love you, Father. Thanks for giving me my wings to fly."

I didn't feel the impact when my body collided with the ground or discovered what a big earthquake it had caused. Our wars always left some sort of side effect on earth.

A choir of singing reached my ears, its heavenly notes spread the warmth back into my body. The light pierced through every fibre that had turned me into a divine being and it was as if Father blew new life into me, but then the choir stopped. The singing faded and a darkness, tiring cold seeped through. A cold that I'd never experienced before.

My eyelids weighed like a ton, and it took a powerful effort to open them a width. A dark figure towered above me as I jostled with every movement he took.

The sweet mixed with musk that lingered on him caressed my nostril, but it came with a warning lingering behind. A warning I couldn't ignore, but right at this moment, I didn't have the strength to obliged.

The fatigue threatened to win.

My eyes opened a width again as the figure lit up under an orange light. Fabric covered his head, barely lighting up the silhouette sticking from underneath. The pain that seared through my body was almost unbearable and the tip of my wings dragged on the floor. They were becoming sensitive as the dark figure kept walking. His footsteps took on the beat of my heartbeat.

More pain seared through my limbs with every step he took.

I prayed for death, or for fatigue to come. I wasn't picky. Either way, it would spare me from the pain I was feeling right now.

When my eyes opened again, a strong antiseptic smell lingered in the air. The scent stung my nostrils. Four walls threatened to close in on me, and my gaze darted to the roof. It didn't look stable.

Soft murmuring I couldn't make out came close by but the tiredness were now my constant companion. It refused to leave and I couldn't even look at where the speaking came from.

Cold ointment stung my wounds and a prickly sensation danced on the spot around my shoulder. The pain searing through my wing was still there. The fatigue threatened to pull me into the darkness and won.

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