9| Dinner

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Are you sure you want to talk about it right now? You're pretty little

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Are you sure you want to talk about it right now? You're pretty little." Tate said.

"No I'm not. I'm a big girl." I crossed my arms.

"That sounds like something a little girl would say." Tate said and I huffed.

"I liked when you kissed me Tate." I stated. "And this always happens. We have a moment then it's gone and I don't like that.

"I don't either Sof."

"Well then we should do something about that." I said.

"How about I take you out to dinner? Would that make you happy?"

"Yes. Very." I said with a smile.


"Are you sure I look good?" I asked Gracie again. I stood in front of my body length mirror, swaying a little. I wore black flats, a black dress that went just above my knees, and was flowy, and my brown hair just left alone, being wavy.

"Almost." She put in two shimmery earrings that hung. "It's still missing something- oh I know!" She turned and dug around in her little jewelry box, then pulled out a necklace, and in the centre was a pink jewel, a blue jewel and a purple jewel. "I know, it's not a lot of purple. But that's okay."

"Okay." I held up my hair as she clipped the necklace on.

"This was actually a birthday present three years ago but I forgot about it and bought something else." She mumbled and I giggled. My phone rung and I saw it was from Katie. Dion and Tate were talking, and I told Katie to tell me anything if she knew anything.

"Okay my dad- Dion, said Tate is taking you out to this fancy Italian restaurant. And something else but I was told not to say."

"I wanna know!" I exclaimed.

"Can't. Sorry. Gotta go. He's giving me those punishment eyes." Then the other line went silent. Then there was a knock on my front door and I paused.

"Oh no. Gracie he's here. I can't do this!"

"Yes you can. Get up." She grabbed my arm and did it for me, basically dragged me down the stairs and to the front door. "Open it. Be your usual normal, cute self."

I did, and saw Tate. He looks mouth watering. "Sofia."

"Tater tot."

Why can't I just say his name?!

"I mean Tate."

He chuckled at my slight trembling.

"C'mon." He took my hand and I walked out of the house. "Bye Gracie."

"Oh- bye." Gracie stepped into the open and smiled.

"How did you know?" I asked as we walked to his expensive looking car.

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