twenty five - harry

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twenty five – harry

            “A monster, a monster I tell you…” Harry held his lover’s hand as Louis trembled and hissed out incomprehensible. The tanned color was drained from his face. Pink lips, otherwise parted and open, now shut tight and locked together, dried from any form of moisture that otherwise kept them soft and plump. “Only a monster could have done such a sin, could have thought about destroying her, another human being…”

            Harry sunk his teeth into his bottom lip, not really knowing the right thing to say. Louis was trembling uncontrollably, hugging his torso with his hands and trying to protect himself. Probably from ‘the killer’. Look at what you’re done, Harry, the voice chuckled deviously in his brain, scared the shit out of the only person whom you have managed to fall for. What would happen if he were to find out that you were the one who chopped these people up in pieces and mimed their bodies, using them for your own pleasure. What would happen if he were to find out what you did to your own brother, your own flesh, your own blood all those centuries ago – “Daddy?”

            “Not right now, Harry…” Louis sighed, suddenly drawing away from Harry’s touch, distancing himself, “I can’t do this right now, I can’t…”

            Liam had finally decided to call the authorities in order to investigate, now that one of his own performers had been murdered. They had investigated the restrooms, the crime scene and Eleanor’s dead, mimed body, however the only way they would manage to find out who the murderer was would be a thorough investigation and questioning of the people of the circus. Amidst all these happenings, Louis ignoring his attempts in making him feel better and the threat the authorities were imposing to destroy all of his hard work with a dreadful revelation, Harry had to think of an alibi.

            And why wasn’t Louis paying attention to him? Why was he refusing to let Harry calm him down, and looked so distraught and out of place? He had not acted like this with the previous murders; now, he seemed sad. Did he actually care about Eleanor? Did he care about her enough to feel pain and sorrow for her death? Would he try to find out who committed the crime just because of her? And what would happen if he were to find out that Harry violated the dead corpse of a person he cared for?

            “Daddy?” he tried again, his voice softer and quieter, his lips brushing over Louis’ ear, who instantly pulled away.

            “Stop it!” Louis snapped, voice louder than usual, but not authoritative, as if he wanted to put Harry into place and maybe spank his bum, but in a way that showed annoyance, displeasure. “Can’t you understand that this is not the time, for Lord’s sake?” he got up from where he was sitting and approached Liam, who was talking to one of the police officers.

            Hurt, Harry wrapped his arms around his body, leaning his forehead across his knees and closing his eyes. Everything was falling apart slowly; slowly, but it was. Louis did not wish to be close to him and let him comfort him. Then he would start refusing to sleep with him or be with him, slowly distancing himself from the clingy burden that was Harry. And then, once he would realize that Harry’s impulse, lack of self-control and insecurity was behind these crimes, he would spit on Harry’s face and abandon him in the same circus he found himself all those years ago, just because he was abandoned by his own father.

            “What’s bothering you, little one?” his left shoulder was gently pushed when Angie sat down next to him, resting half of her weight against his shoulder.

            “Don’t do this…” Harry begged quietly, thinking that she had come next to him in order to mock him, or, even worse, chastise him.

            “I’m not doing anything,” she shrugged her shoulders, as if to say that she really did not care about the situation, “You’re the one who’s chopping up people in pieces and using them for – “

            “Stop!” he screeched, feeling multiple pairs of eyes turning to look at him. With a dismissal shake of the head, he forced them to look away, Angie’s hand grabbing his wrist and leading him outside of the room, “What do you want?”

            “Do you wish that I keep covering for you? Or should I stop telling lies and pretending that you’re the innocent little boy everyone thinks you are? Do you want me to tell everyone in this circus why you killed those people?” Angie hissed, backing Harry against the wall with her body. “What’s wrong?”

            Harry’s lips trembled against each other, creating a soft, repetitive sound, “It’s getting worse…” he whispered, shutting his eyes close and feeling his cheeks heat up as tears started to flow, “I can’t – I can’t control it anymore, I can’t – “

            “When could you ever?” Angie murmured to herself, approaching Harry and threading her fingers through his hair, gently pushing his head so that he would rest it on her lap. He did, “You know I love you, don’t you?”

            “I do.” Harry whispered after a while, voice soft and trembling, slowly relaxing with the steady motions Angie’s fingers were doing on his hair, “I love you too.”

            “I know darling,” she said, pursing her lips together, “And as your sister, I know what’s best for you, don’t I? Deep down, you know what’s best for you too, I know that. I’m just here to remind you and also help you through your mistakes. And also help you cover your faults until you learn from them, hm?”

            Harry cracked at that moment, his throat erupting with wet sobs, “I don’t think I’ll ever stop making mistakes, Gem.”

            She smiled, wiping the tears from her brother’s swollen cheeks with her fingertips. “Then I’ll never stop being next to you and helping you through them.”

            “I’m – Louis, Louis – “

            “Yes, doll?”

            Harry lifted his head up, meeting Louis’ gaze. The man was sporting the smallest of smiles on his thin, pink lips, but one could tell that the look on his face was one of fondness and adoration, “Poor baby,” he whispered, leaning down on Angie’s lap and pressing a kiss on Harry’s forehead, “I’m so extremely sorry I talked to you in such a manner earlier, I did not realize how much her death affected you and that you needed to be comforted too. Will you forgive me?”

            The young dancer felt his cheeks heat up. He stood up, leaning down to hug Angie, “Don’t worry about it,” she whispered in his ear, so quietly that he didn’t even catch, “It always takes one of you two a while to realize. He’ll come around soon enough and everything will be okay again.”


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