Chapter 23: In my arms

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Chapter 23:



Cole's POV:


I wanted to go over and hold Elena, instead of Kat. But I am glad she's being comforted. Baker's phone rings,

"Hello?...yes.....Did you get him?....well, I want you guys on his tail....yes...they're all safe...keep me posted." He hung up and everyone was looking at him. He sighed, running a hand over his face,

"They cornered him at a mini mart, but he managed to slip away, I'm sorry. But we're close, he's just good at evading." He apologized. Damn it! They were so close!

It was getting late and time to turn in. Elena was silent all throughout the evening, and I know she was thinking and stressing about Thomas. She shows everyone to their rooms, and Officer Johnson takes the night shift in the security room they installed a few hours ago. They got everything set up, with cameras outside so they can keep an eye out for Thomas. I gave Elena one last glance before going into the room I have from across the hall from her. I ran my hands through my hair in frustration. I have this need to protect her, and all I can do is just stand in another room, and hope she's okay. I'm about to do something really stupid...

I walk outside my room and knock on the door I need.

Baker opened the door, with an alert face on.

"What'd you need Cole?" He asked a little more relaxed. I rubbed my neck,

"Can I come in?" I asked a little nervous. Either this will be the stupidest thing I'll ever do or the smartest. He nodded and opened the door wider to allow me in. I walk in and pace around the room, while he sits in a desk chair.

" I wanted to let you know something because it's killing me not doing what I need to do." I rushed. Geez man get a grip your 22 years old. He smiled at me,

"Go on." I gestured for me to continue.

"I'm in love with Elena, and yes we are going out, but I swear I wouldn't have if she wasn't 18, and she is. She loves me too, and I consider myself the luckiest guy out there to have her love me. Right now, it's killing me, not being able to be there for her and comfort her, like she needs. I know she's the girl for me, and all I want to do right now is hold her and tell her everything is alright." I finished in one breath. He chuckled...what the hell?

"Son, I already knew something was going on between the two of you...she's a horrible liar. But I waited to see you two in a room, and what I saw was two people who honestly love each other. And it's not illegal, so your not going to be arrested since she is 18. I like you...I think you're a good man, who would do anything to protect her. And that says a lot. She reminds me of my daughter I had before she passed away 7 years ago. Don't feel sorry for me, I have had my time to grieve. If you continue to respect her like I know you do, just by reading your body language...I won't tell the school board." He concluded. I felt like I was going to pass out...seriously?! It was that easy. He gave a quiet laugh,

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