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Zayn Malik imagine romantic

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(This is based on the xfactor 2010 when one direction were discovered )

When you had set foot in the xfactor and you were a contestant in it you had a huge crush on this guy Zayn Malik.He was a shy and very good looking guy...and he seemed to like you too since he always looks at you and smiles.Your best friends from the competition were Harry Styles and Louis Tomlison which you met when you first had auditioned.They were you very best friends you loved them with all your heart they loved you too also they always tried to fix you a date with a Zayn but you were too shy.Until one day Zayn approched you and started talking to you "H-hey (y/n) i was thinking maybe you wanna go out for dinner tonight at that new restaurant"? "S-sure" you reply.He looked so reliefed and happy but the big smile he gave you.You agreed on the time and went off to your rooms to go prepare yourself.The night came quickly and you had already arrived and you see Zayn waiting for you...he looked very handesome and hot that night.As soon as he saw you he was to amazed that did not know what to say.With that you were already seated on a table and had already ordered your food.After that amazing time of eating and getting to know ore about each other you where walking together and talking until Zayn stopped and grabbed your hand." Listen (y/n) i wanted to tell you something that i wanted to tell you in the first place when i saw you" he said.He held your hand and leaned in for a kiss.Sparks were flowing all over your body and this time you kissed back and were kissing more passionatly.When you stopped you told him " that was amazing" and you smiled back.

3 years later.

After 3 amazing years together you were the greatest couple and loved each other.Zayn had now became famous since he was in the band one direction but he still had time for you and always showed you that he loves you by bringing you with him on tour. Your 3rd anniversary came and you were eating in an romantic italian restaurant.He exused himself and went off to the bathroom.Until you where waiting for Zayn to come back you hear someone start singing and it was a familliar song.You were waiting for Zayn while you hear a fimilliar song look back and you see Zayn...........

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