"Why?" Anne asks.

"And why were you crying?" Jose scoffs.

Todd takes a long pause before answering. "I was thanking Him for saving my life today."

Jose laughs again, shaking his head in disgust as he walks away from him. "He didn't save your life. You religious people either blame God for the bad or thank him for the good. You don't make any goddamn sense to me." Then he walks down to the next floor.

We follow him. Todd is in the back this time. Our formation has fallen into a line that isn't even for protection. There's none needed, we've cleared about all of them. We hope.

Downstairs I see Kim running towards Jose and Chris. "What happened to him?" Jose doesn't answer her. He ignores the question and continues to walk through the lobby and right out the door. Kim stares after him, her eyes watering. She bites at her nails and blinks tears away. "Alice, what happened to him?"

I don't want to answer her. I want to ignore her just as Jose had done. Leave it to Anne to tell her. I wasn't there to see it happen. But I decide to be cooperative. "Ceiling caved in. A chunk fell on his head, knocked him unconscious. Anne says he's still breathing." I ignore her gasp and small, choked out sob and follow Jose. I hear Kim, Anne, and Todd following close behind as we're all curious of whether he's actually still breathing.

Dawn and Brenda realize that someone is injured and they both run over, curious. Jose ignores them, too, and walks straight into the shade of the large tent. He sets Chris onto the cot with gentleness and then looks back at me. "I did the heavy lifting. Now fix him."

I watch him as he shoves past me and out of the tent, leaving me with an unconscious Chris. I walk over to him and check for a heartbeat and breathing. I sigh in relief as I receive both. "Someone get me a bottle of water," I order. Within a minute Brenda hands me a water bottle. I take it and unscrew the top, putting the cap down so I can use my other hand to lift his head. I slowly poor water into his mouth, hydrating him. Then I grab a small cloth that was on the little table next to a cot and wet it with the water, placing it on his forehead and wiping the blood from his face and arm.

"His arm looks bad," I report to Kim.

Anne nods. "Kim, grab that first aid kit and get the tweezers so you can pick out the particles of debris."

Kim does as ordered, handing me a few bandages in the process. I take them and wrap one around the gash in his forehead after I made sure it was cleaned. Then I take the second and wrap it around his bloodied arm after Kim finishes her job. When I look up I see tears in her eyes as she gazes at him.

"He'll be okay," I say, patting her shoulder.

"I can't lose him," she whispers. "I wouldn't be able to live if I lost him."

"You're not going to lose him." I give her a smile before leaving her in peace with her brother. In all honesty, I couldn't stand staying in there and seeing him so pale, so limp. He looks dead. If it wasn't for his chest lightly rising and falling, you would think he was.

Outside the tent I find Todd and summon him over to me. He limps but keeps a smile on his face. "Hello, Alice. What's wrong?"

"What's wrong with you?" I ask.

He looks at me with the tilt of his head. "What do you mean?"

"What did you get cut on?" I ask.

He shrugs. "I don't know. I was so in the process of trying to not get bit that I didn't realize it until a minute later."

I sigh, unsure about the situation. "Okay, let me wrap it."

"No!" Todd backs away, his eyes wide. He realizes that he was too defensive and gives a soft smile to make up for it. "Sorry. I don't want you to have to see it. I can barely look at it without puking. It's quite disturbing. I'll take the bandage and clean it up and wrap it. You need to make sure Chris is okay. You should be there when he wakes up."

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