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Dragoarth POV
Thyrics's 10,000 Years Ago

I released the fire breath that was ready to be unleashed from the inside to hit him in his paper thin like wings, which was enough to take his attention off me for a moment and I took that as my chance to end this war for once and for all. I quickly latched onto his throat but before I could tear it out, his tail whipped out at me effectively making me release my hold on him. With blood heavily sipping out he bared he's fangs and charged forward.

Even though I saw this coming, the force still managed to knock me backwards in the air. Expanding my wings to its full length to stop me from going any further, I was blindsided when another warrior came from underneath me aiming for my underbelly, foolishly believing that is where I am weakest at. I simply swapped him with my wing and sent him flying the ground with enough force to leave a crater where his body landed.

Turning my attention back to my opponent just as he released a ball of fire from his ragged mouth. I barely dodged it before he was releasing another and another. He was getting desperate which was starting to make him get sloppy, and with that I made my move. Gaining my speed, I went in for the kill. Building up my own fire from within I released it upon once I was on top of him. And with one last extra burst of energy I managed to stab him through the heart with my razor-sharp claws.

I watched as his charred limp body fall from the darkened sky, signaling the end of the war. I raised my beaten body higher up in the sky and let out a mighty roar in victory. My men roared back at me or let out their own burst of power in victory as well.

The ones who survived this war were captured and hold as prisoners for their crime against the crown. But not all were willing participates in this unless war. Kafue made sure he had something against his follows, so they wouldn't object to him. But he did have true follows and those are the ones that will executed on the spot.

"Milord, we need you. It seems we found Kafue's second in command and he has some interesting information." Phenom, my most trusted warrior and lifelong friend. I flew down to the ground where Phenom stood. Standing at six feet four, with ash wood colored hair that falls to his chin, dark yellow eyes, crooked noise, and muscular build. Overall, he is a big guy. He stood by two of my warriors who had a badly beaten man that was on the verge of death.

It was the same man who attacked me. So, he still lives but not for long. My anger toward him grows but before I can have launched myself at him Phenom came between us and looked me directly in the eye. An action that would have anyone under normal circumstance killed, but he isn't normal at all. "Before you go and kill him, you should hear what he says about Kafue." Letting out growl I wait for this to continue.

Phenom came around the man's back and pulled his head back, well what was left of the man's head anyway. "Now tell the King what you told me." The man breath unevenly before taking a deep breath and then speaking. "You think you've won? Kafue will rise again, and it will be you that falls from sky dead." He started laughing until he was coughing up blood.

After he got himself together he spoke again. "The almighty Dragon King will die as Kafue rips your heart out right in front of your eyes and take the throne. For he is the ruler of the dragons." He continued laughing, I just stared at the man as he hysterically laughed himself to death, but I wouldn't allow that happened, so raised my head and then went to tear out his throat.

Phenom let him go and looked at me with a bemused expression. "What if what he said was true? What if Kafue does come back?" I looked straight ahead then back at Phenom, "He couldn't defeat me even if he was somehow revived." With that being said I unfolded my wings and took to the sky.

Kafue Youngblood will never defeat me, nor will he ever take the throne. He should've known this would happened, our father wasn't naive or ignorant to my brother's ways. That is why my father made me king instead of him.

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