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This is part one of the third chapter of Caught in the Spider's Web. Now first and foremost I would like to admit that there is no killing in this part. (Tragic isn't it??) BUT I will make up for it in the rest of the parts for this chapter that I will hopefully be done with soon. So if you will just bear with me & continue to read this chapter you will not be disappointed.



"May I play with you?" a little girl asked, her small hands wringing nervously in front of her. She stood before the girls with her face lowered to the ground, her bright green eyes focused on her feet and the grass peeking from beneath them.

A sharp no made her cringe, the simple word practically dripping bitter venom. 

"O-okay." She said with her shaking voice barely above that of a whisper. 

The harsh rejection pierced her like an arrow leaving her heart bleeding in remorse and regret for even approaching them in the first place. Realizing her mistake she quickly turned around and walked off in hurried strides, leaving the circlet of girls behind the whisper to one another. 

"That was mean, Annabelle!" one girl whispered to the other with her head shaking in disapproval. The girl rolled her eyes. 

"I don't care!" Annabelle shouted with no concern for the fleeing girl's feelings. She folded her arms over her chest and turned her head away with a scoff. "I don't want that strange thing anywhere near me!" 

The first girl was still at disapproval and turned around from the others. She spotted the little girl off in the distance and called her back. "You can play with us!" 

Instantly the girl turned. "Really?" she asked with her tone filled with hope. The girl motioned her forward with a warm smile. "Sure." 

The girl hurried back over and stood before them though still with an air of shyness. "What's your name?" the first girl asked, the wind tousling her golden blond hair and her shining hazel eyes reflecting her kind spirit. 

The girl once again grew shy and shivered beneath the gaze of the other girls. "Uh.... Um, T- Tristessa." She replied hesitantly. 

It was greeted with a quick laugh from the young Annabelle. "Tristessa! What kind of name is that? I wouldn't even give that name to a slug." More laughter rumbled her throat and threw Tristessa back into her shell. Tears whelmed up in the corners of her eyes and she fought to keep them back.

The first girl hit Annabelle in the arm in which the Fiore heiress was insulted by. "How dare you, Florette? What was that for?" 

"That is mean. Look, you're about to make her cry." 

End flashback


It was yet another day at L' Epine estate. Damien sat by the window staring out of its glass and to the outside. His hip rested against the window sill while his arms were folded over his chest. A look of distaste molded his features. 

A smacking noise could be heard behind him. Damien glanced over his shoulder to see a maid holding her reddened cheek. Tristessa shouted at her in anger at the woman. Tea stained the front of the mistress' dress disfiguring it greatly. The maid mumbled countless apologizes but all feel on deaf ears. 

Still furious Tristessa swung her leg back and, swinging it forward, struck the woman in the side causing her to cry out in pain. 

Damien turned away in disgust. Not for the maid but for her mistress. He sneered as his fists tightened. There was nothing he could do but look away like the other nearby servants. 

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