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"Freya!" Vera's voice booms down the hall. I take a deep breath and proceed walking, not in the mood to deal with her.

"Excuse me?!" she says, gripping my hand.

"Don't touch me!" I shriek, spinning around.

"I warned you. Stay away from Caelum," her jaw clenches.

"Here's the thing. I understand what you're saying. I don't care," I say, pronouncing every syllable, so it gets through that thick skull of hers.

"Mark my words, Freya, you will regret this," she shouts, her face turning different shades of red.

"Yea, I don't think that's going to happen," I tell her, my heart racing. She sounds like I'm a kindergartener that she needs to reprimand.

"Next time I see you with him, I won't be this kind." she stares, both her hands tightly clenched.

"You don't scare me, Vera. I'll do whatever whenever I want." I growl back, taking a deep breath, attempting to calm myself down. But just seeing that smug smirk on her face angers me more.

"Why are your eyes turning golden? You freak!"

"Sounds like you're losing it cause my eyes are green."

"You bitch!" she shouts, raising her hand to slap me, but as I stare, it slows down. I easily catch her hand before it lands on my face.

"How did you do that?! Witches don't have super fast reflexes! Are you one of them? A werewolf?!"

"I'm not a werewolf!" I claim as she storms away. Wouldn't I know if I was one?

Every time I move one step forward, I stumble ten back. I run towards the forest, my happy place. I close my eyes and listen to the leaves rustle in the wind. A cricket plays me a song.


My eyes snap open and meet golden eyes. The same eyes from my dream. This can't be real? Am I dreaming? I pinch myself to see if I'm awake. My heart thuds in my chest. My palms become sweaty. It takes everything in me to not burst into tears, but I won't show him how scared I actually am.

A cynical smile is on his face as he approaches me, his hair pulled back in the same bun.

"It's nice to meet you, Freya."

"I can't say that the feeling is mutual," I reply, trying so hard to hide my fear that is growing as each second passes. "Who are you!"

"How rude of me. I'm Ignatius Remus Paine, but my friends call me Nate."

"You have friends? I'm shocked." I reply, picking at the skin on my fingers. Sweat drips down my forehead.

"I've been far too patient!" he screams. A shiver goes down my spine as he looks at me with those soulless brown eyes. His eyes bulge, showing the white at the bottom of his eyes. The longer he stares, the more I feel as if he could see right through my tough girl facade.

"Don't come near me!" I shout, backing away.

"That's cute. You really think I would listen to the likes of you?" he snickers. He closes the distance between us, squeezing my arm. I attempt to pull away, but every time he squeezes even tighter.

I have to do something. I need to. Think. Think.

"Who is Alexandra Winters?" I question, trying to buy myself some extra time.

"You'll find out when the time is right." His eyes glance towards something over my shoulder.

"Looks like our meeting is being cut short," he growls.

"What do you mean?"

"But don't worry, I will come back for you. And next time, I'm not leaving without you."

"I'm not going anywhere, especially with you!"

"I always get my way," he assures me, throwing something on the ground. Suddenly a gray fog-like portal appears and he just walks in. Gone.

Now I'm left alone with my thought, but at least it's safe, for now. I collapse onto the ground and rub my eyes. When did my life get this complicated?

"Caelum?" I call out, wiping the tears that fall freely.

"Are you okay?" he asks from afar. "I felt like you needed me."

"I did. I do." Looking up at him, I could see the fear on his face. I've never been so happy to see a person in my entire life.

"Who did that to you?" an animalistic growl comes out of him.

"The guy from my dream, Ignatius."

"What! I'm done arguing this with you. Starting tomorrow, if my sister or I aren't present, a guard will. Something always happens when you're alone."

"That's not true!" I exclaim.

"I need to look at your arm," he says. "It's already bruising up. When I get my hands on him!" he shouts.

"I'm fine," I try to tell him, but as soon as his hands touch my arm, I wince in pain.

"I'm taking you to the nurse," he says, lifting me.

"I can still walk, you know," I tell him, leaving it at that. He smells of sweet pine. I feel safe being in his arms.

"We're almost there," he says.

"You always seem to come to my rescue."

"Looks like we're not meant to be apart." he jokes. He's actually flirting with me. Why does that scare me more than Ignatius?

"Well, we're here," he says, snapping me out of my thoughts. "After you, my darling."

"Someone's being weirdly nice today," I whisper so only he can hear.

"Hello, sweetheart. What brings you in today?" asks a cute elderly lady.

"My arm." I point.

"Oh my. That is quite an injury. How did that happen?"

"I fell and hurt my arm." I lied because what was I supposed to say? An evil guy from my dream came to visit me.

"It's broken, but it seems to be healing on its own. Have a seat please," she says, pointing to the examination table. If I didn't know any better, I would think this is just an ordinary doctor's office.

"How is your hand feeling?" she asks.

I move my fingers and then my entire arm. "It feels like nothing ever happened. Thank you." I look at her, a genuine smile on my face.

"Witches don't have the healing ability."

"I'm as clueless as you are." I shrug.

"Let's head back to the dorm. You really should get some rest after the day you've had."

"You're actually right for once." I joke and he grabs my hand. My heart races, but my brain is screaming at me to say something. To let go of his hand, but I just hold his hand back instead.

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