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- my bae said fuck y'all & imma do what i want to. if you don't like this chapter, DO NOT continue to read the book! i don't wanna hear nothing. i warned y'all.

it relates to a question i asked a few months back!

Nelson Jacobee Marloyn

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"I'm so tired of this shit." Nelson mumbled as he put his Airpod Pros in as he heard Neveah and Amirion arguing. They've been arguing repeatedly after Mir found out Veah was still talking to Bryson (Boogie).

They were now officially back on the road to take care of the rest of the missions. They had 4 more to go.

They've gotten too comfortable. The missions back then were easy to them but those were nothing like the missions that are going to come. They have to be prepared for any and everything.

Nelly felt a tap on his shoulder, making him take his Airpod out and look in the direction the tap came from. He looked to see Mani.

"We at the gas station. You coming in?" She asked as she gathered her things and got up from her seat in the RV.

He didn't reply as he stood up and began to stretch. His arms and legs trembled as he yawned and when he got done stretching, he made his way out of the RV.

(A/N- them be the best stretches ever)

Every one got out the RV and made their way into the store. The bells ringing indicating someone has entered. They made their way one-by-one into the store and all scattered into different sections.

Neveah was walking down the snack aisle, looking for something to snack on, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Looking back, she saw a decent-looking dread-head.

"Hey ma, I was wondering could I have your number." He said looking at her with his lip tucked in his mouth.

"No-" She got cut off by someone else approaching and speaking.

"She gucci big dawg." Nelson said wrapping his arm around her neck while looking at him. Neveah looked at Nelly then back at the dude.

Imani walked past the aisle and her eyebrows furrowed. But she shrugged it off and went to go get a slushee.

"My bad, ian know she had a nigga." He said with his hands up in surrender, stepping back a little.

"You didn't ask." Neveah mugged him then looked at Nelly, again. "Come on bae." She said as she walked away with Nelly.

"Thank you." Neveah told him making him shrug her off.

"You know I got you." He said staring at her but he caught himself. Neveah was so beautiful to him.

"You gonna pay for my snacks bestie?" She asked and he rolled his eyes.

"Is that all I am to you? A money tree?" He asked picking up a honey bun and she nodded.

"Yes indeed."


"I don't wanna do these missions no more, man. What if we get killed?" Mani said as they all sat in the living room.

"I can't die, i'm indestructible. But ion know about y'all." Nelly said pointing around the room.

"Yo momma ever told you that it was rude to point?" Neveah asked pushing his finger out of her face.

"Both my parents was junkies so I wouldn't know." He said shrugging while looking down and playing with the carpet.

"I'm serious y'all. Pooter was like the best shooter ever and he died. That could happen to any of us.. Maybe even all." Mani explained.

"Don't wish that shit on me." Nelly mugged her and she rolled her eyes. Neveah just sat back in her seat, thinking about what Mani was saying.

"Nelly can you shut the fuck up?" Amirion asked looking at him sideways. "We could fucking die and you joking around and shit." He finished, patting his pockets around for a blunt.

"Okay.. but are we dead yet? Oh, ian think so." He said, not wanting to think of the fact that they could all die. He hated the thought of death. It was depressing.

"Why you patting your pockets like that? You fuckin feen." Nalea said laughing at him as she came in the living room with popcorn.

"Shut the fuck up." He said checking his phone once a text popped up on his screen. He got up from off the couch, and went to his room without uttering a word.

Neveah thought about going after him but decided against it. She had a feeling he was hiding something but pushed that thought to the back of her brain. She was gonna trust him.

"Y'all wanna watch movies?" Lea asked making them nod.

Imani got up to turn the lights off and Nelly got him a cover. He put the cover on him and Neveah as they settled down to watch 'Daddy's Little Girls".


so yea...

"Be with the one who love you (this Vade on the keys)I think he can treat you betterI ain't got no trust, that's why I duck youWhen I know I should do betterWhen I know I should be better, I do better

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"Be with the one who love you (this Vade on the keys)
I think he can treat you better
I ain't got no trust, that's why I duck you
When I know I should do better
When I know I should be better, I do better."

"You feeling dude, he turn you up, I'm on the side, baby
I'm just thinkin', is it that I'm crazy?
I'm completely out of my mind, baby."

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