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The Chasm

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Chapter 27

"The first thing you will learn today is how to shoot a gun. The second thing is how to win a fight." Says the initiate trainer, Four, as he begins passing out guns, "Thankfully, if you are here, you already know how get on and off a moving train, so I don't need to teach you that."

Percy receives his gun without a glance from Four.

It was the morning after he jumped from the roof top into the darkness of the dauntless compound. They had been shown around the cool, dark paths of the place. After a nice dinner they were led to their dorms. Percy had not slept well and was trying to keep his eyes from drifting shut while Four prattled on.

Eric, a dauntless leader explained the ranking process of all of the initiates. Percy was less than surprised to hear that they would be sent away if they didn't make a high rating. He just wanted to make it as far as he could in four days. That was when the portal would take him away.

They had awoken earlier that morning to a harsh greeting and a five mile run. Percy was so thankful he was in shape, he would have died on the third mile. Many of the other "Transfers," as they kept calling his group was struggling to even complete the mile. Percy finished first and was followed by some of the other stronger guys in the group. The blonde haired girl who had "transferred," with him, despite her small stature, didn't finish last. When they were allowed a break she walked over to him breathing hard.

"You are fast," she said between gulps of air. Percy felt a little drained but for the most part well. He smiled down at her.

"Thank you," he replied.

"I thought that I was the only transfer from Abendigation," She said, "I guess I had forgotten you."

"Well my name is Percy," he held out his hand to shake, hopping that that was a normal thing to do in this universe. She took it and shook.

"Tris," she breathed.

"I hope you make it Tris," Percy said with a smile, he truly wanted her to make it. He wasn't sure why though.

Percy came back to what Four was saying about Guns and initiation. He tried to pay attention but his gaze turned to Tris who stared obediently at Four. Four kept talking about stages and different other things that he had to go through. After a smart comment from one of the other initiates Four presses the barrel of the gun that he has to his head. Percy stared dumbfounded until Four spoke.

"Wake up," Four snaps, "you're holding a loaded gun, you idiot. Act like it."

Percy immediately straightened his back. He didn't fear the initiations. He had battled, run, fallen, so far and long that he could beat everyone in the room including Four. Then he realized how pompous that sounded in his mind and he tried to block it out.

He looked at everything around him and tried to loose himself in the work they were doing.


Percy lay on his bunk, exhausted. From the morning until evening they trained. It wasn't incredibly hard but it was a big adjustment from his days lounging around at Maxon's palace. Other than his huge display the last night there, he had not done much physically.

But as his eyes drifted shut a soft sob erupted in the room. Percy kept himself from groaning. The same kid had been crying almost continually the night before. Although Percy felt bad for the guy, it was almost like a slap in the face. After all Percy had gone through no one in that room had any right to cry above him. Percy could keep his cool, but this spoiled brat couldn't? Guilt ate at him as these thoughts came to mind. What business did he have judging him? He could have just lost a parent or a friend. That would be a reason to cry. Percy sure knew what that felt like . . .

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