sorry guys, this isn't an update, but there will be one soon hopefully.

BUT THANK YOU FOR 1K+ READS OMFG IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. you guys probably don't have this in your library anymore and i'm sorry for being on of those authors that just stops their stories randomly.

just a short little authors note before I finally start chapter 12.. it's been long enough.

when I started this story, it was over the summer and I literally had nothing better to I started reading fanfics and writing this one just so I had an excuse to not do my summer homework.

I did write over Christmas break, but I didn't like how they chapters were, so I just deleted them all after spending hours writing about 6 chapters.

i just want to dedicate the upcoming chapter to my internet friend Hannah(love her loads and saying this now as a reminder so I don't forget when I go to write it) because I wouldn't be writing this right now if it wasn't for her telling me this use to be her favorite Niall fanfic.

I've been putting it off because I don't know how to continue it and I just wasn't motivated to write long chapters. I don't like doing the whole describing one thing to where it's a long paragraph like most authors with loads of reads do. I think that's what I was trying to do before and I just sort of have up. i'm not good at writing feelings especially when they aren't my own.

right now I have 3 projects I have to do and I need to finish my DMV drug/alcohol test before my birthday so I can take my learners permit test (i'm turning 15 btw for anyone that's curious and my birthday is April 28th oops)

and now since it's the end of the year, there's loads of exams and projects I have to do... so obviously I picked a sorta bad time to update another chapter but oh well.

i'm not for sure when i'm going to upload the chapter. I'll probably write chapter 12 little by little for the next week and a half and then post it so I can also focus on my assignments for school.

I have to go through and re-read everything I've written to figure out what to write next.

if you guys have any further questions or you just want to talk, my Twitter is @misfitkidluke and my Instagram is @taylorxvaughan.

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