Chapter 6

meeting mr ex…


It was alright at the end, the meeting with our mother. She was quickly taken in by David’s charm and she actually liked the way he talked. I sighed softly as I walked down the streets to the grocery store, ready to buy in for today’s stuff. Our mother simply adored him and I could see why. If I hadn’t known him before, I had to admit that he had a way to squirm into someone’s heart.

Nearing the grocery store, I quickly took one of the green baskets parked outside of the shop and entered in, taking in the air-conditioned air. The hot scorching sun outside nearly burned me off and the cool air inside of this shop helped to cool me down. Walking past the many people that buzzed around like bees, I ended up in the beverage section and searched for some low-fat milk. As much as I hated the taste of skimmed milk, it was healthier and Kristine was obsessed with anything healthy. Grabbing onto two cartons of it, I made way to the vegetable section to grab some zucchini.

As I grabbed onto those green long sticks, I had failed to see someone walking towards me before stopping right beside of me. I only realised someone was there when he called up to me. “Charlie?”

I snapped my gaze from the vegetables and straightened myself before looking to my left to attend to the said person. My eyes immediately widened at the look and I could feel everything inside of me freezing and screeching to a stop. The air around me suddenly felt slightly colder and it was prickling against the back of my neck. My heartbeat fastened and before I knew it, I took a step back.

This couldn’t be happening, I thought to myself horrified. After all these years, this couldn’t be happening. But the name was at the tip of my tongue. I could feel the words forming and mashing up together and it was there, just at the tip there. At the end, the urge was too big and I said, “Wesley.”

His eyes glistened a bit as he realised that I recognised him. He took a step back, looking at me clearly before he smiled. That same smile that could still cause shivers to run down my spine. I hated it.

If it had been a few years back, I would’ve smiled back idiotically, just enjoying these sensations that he causes but right here, right now, I wanted the time to turn back and release myself from this sudden awakening pain. It was beginning to throb inside of me and I had found it hard to breathe. If anything, it was slowly suffocating me.

“What—what are you doing here?” he asked, his voice coming out soft and gentle as if he was talking to a toddler. Anger and confusion slowly mixed into me before I snapped my gaze away and onto the floor, suddenly finding the tiles to be pretty amazing. I heard him sight gently before he spoke, “Charlie?”

“What do you think people do in a grocery store?” I asked, looking back at him before sighing. “Look, I got to go. It was…nice meeting you again.” With that said, I quickly walked past him to the checking out counter. After paying, I heaved the plastic bags off the counter and made my way outside of the shop. The agonising sunshine almost blinded me as I stepped outside, cursing gently under my breath for the way the sun was making me feel.

It was only a few steps away when I heard him calling to me again. Stopping on my tracks, I turned around to meet him, eyes dead on to his brown ones. “Charlie, I just met you after all these years. Can’t we talk?”

“About what?” I finally asked. “About how everything ended up great for you after you left me? Like I needed to hear that.”

“I thought we left in a friendly term,” he said, suddenly taken off guard with my accusations. “I thought we agreed to act mature about this if we meet again.”

“Honestly,” I said as I sighed again. “I didn’t think we’ll meet again.”

Hurt flashed through his eyes but I ignored it. It wasn’t for the fact that I was cruel but it was hard to watch him stand in front of me as someone nothing more than an—

“You’re still mad about what happened?” he asked, cutting off my train of thoughts. I looked at him again for a while before shaking my head.

“Nope, I’m just not really interested in seeing you right now,” I said honestly as I fixed my grip onto the plastic bags. “I should really get home. Goodbye.”

I left him standing there, opening and closing his mouth to say something—anything to stop me from leaving but he knew, both of us knew that it was way too late for that. We had crossed that bridge a long time ago and I was sure, we shouldn’t be looking back.

The bridges were already burned and if I could just take a few steps closer, maybe, I could see the bridge still burning.

“You met Wesley?” Kristine asked as she stopped washing the dishes to look at me.

“Yeah,” I said plainly, trying to get a grip into reality as the memories of him started to wash up once again. I sometimes wished that I could be born with selective memory. There were some things that I would enjoy forgetting.

“What did he say?” Kristine asked, her eyes looking into mine, trying to deduce something out of me. But I just kept these unwanted emotions inside, hoping that they would die out if I kept them restrained a bit longer.

“Nothing, he just wanted to talk and I told him I don’t want to,” I said half-interested and shrugged. Kristine just thinned her lips before she sighed.

“Well, that’s good,” she said before she went back to washing the dishes. “It wouldn’t do you any good to associate with him. You were both so young back then, I doubt that it leaves anything important behind.”

“But he was my first love,” I said, almost whispered those words out as she nodded, a small frown tainting her features.

“But it’s not meant to be,” she said. “He—he was dumb to choose them over you. So, forget about him.”

If only I could.

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