Chapter 20: The Commission

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Chapter 20:






He breathed in deeply as if to fill his soul with the cool night air. His eyes trailed down his Firefly’s profile, drinking her in. The moon was full tonight, casting a soft glow on her already pale skin. It was breathtaking sight to see. His fingers lightly traced her sleeping face making her mumble in her rest. Her scent surrounded them making his gums ache. One of the things he failed to mention to Wendy. She wasn’t the only one affected by this. With her need growing for his bite so he’ll eventually turn her, the need to bite her and drink from her increasingly grows as well.


Everything in him ached to sink his teeth into her soft flesh, but the love he had for her, thankfully prevented him from going too far. Once again he pushed back the beast within him for her sake. It will all be easier once he turns her. A selfish thought considering all she’s had to give up because of him, but he knew things would work out. She was going to have to leave eventually, now it’s just sooner than expected. He wished her family could somehow stay in touch but it would be too dangerous for them. Wendy has been aware for the past month, and look what kind of dangers were lurking for her! Human’s were not designed to survive with his kind. It just wouldn’t do.

He stayed outside with her for a little while longer before the sun came up and carefully picked her up and flitted back to Darcy’s place. Luckily it was quiet which meant Anya and him have stopped their bickering. Maneuvering Wendy in his arms carefully he opened the door and stepped in. “Was wondering where you two went off to.” Asher commented, throwing up a ball and catching it repeatedly. “You might want to go check out the news downstairs.” He stated and stood up before heading to the small kitchen. Vincent hurried downstairs and walked in. Wendy stirred slightly but otherwise stayed asleep while he flitted her to a bed and shut the door behind him.


“They already got the media involved in this. We’ll need to lay low for a while.” Darcy murmured with his hands fisted at his mouth as his elbows rested on the tops of his knees. Vincent looked at the T.V. and saw Wendy’s picture flash and the quiet murmur of the news story that only he and Darcy could hear. “Young, Wendy Garret was last seen at school yesterday afternoon. Her mother talked to her on the phone yesterday evening but the call was cut short when her mother heard her daughter scream before the line went dead. We have Carols at the scene with the parents this morning.” The picture went from the woman news anchor to the front of Wendy’s house with two crying parents.



 “Please, if you’ve seen her, please let us know! Oh baby, if you’re watching this, know we love you and we’re never going to stop looking for you!” Debbi, her mother cried as she leaned into her husband who was trying to stay strong. Feeling guilt eat at him he turned off the T.V. quickly. He turned to Darcy who was looking up at him. “Never let her see the news for the next few weeks okay? I need to go check on her.” Darcy nodded but as Vincent walked out of the room he spoke up, “…I love her.” He said in a defeated voice talking about Anya. Vincent turned around with a slight smile.




“I know…we all knew. Now it’s time Anya heard it from you.” Darcy shook his head. “She can’t…not right now.” Vincent quirked an eyebrow. “Why not? I think now is as good as any time.” Before Darcy could answer a knock sounded at the door. Vincent looked up at the clock and saw the sun should be up right now, so who was at the door? Darcy and him both got ready as he answered the door with caution. No human would know about this place underground unless they were involved with vampires, but neither of them could hear a heartbeat. When Vincent opened the door he was surprised to see three men dressed in head to toe black suits with some sort of helmets covering their faces as well.



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