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Hailey Is the character that is based off me. I don't drink or do anything like that, but i needed drama. A lot of this is true...but of course the guys are made up! Everyone needs there prince charming ;) Then the character Brooke is my friend Ashley. Mollie is my friend Katie, and Sky or Skylar is my friend Kaci. So basically its the square made up in really life: Ally(me), Ashley, Katie, and Kaci. Yes we know that two of us both start with the same letter. It just happened to be that way, and our personalities really show through on these characters. I'm hoping that you will enjoy this :). Some of this isn't true, mainly swim team because the school we go to is very small, but if we had swim team. I would be on it. I love swimming. Anyways, if you read this long thing of me just ranting: I applaud you!




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Chapter 1: Meeting Someone New


I heard my alarm going off, it was playing, "Baby" by Justin Bieber. I needed a song to wake me up, and this one always worked for some reason. I really liked his music. Skylar always said I was weird for liking it, but Brooke liked it too, so I had someone on my side at least. I hated mornings, and it was worse since I had to get up for school. I dreaded going to school and couldn’t wait until the day I graduated. I turned my music on louder to wake myself up. Ellie, my Yorkshire Terrier, was by my side when I jumped out of bed. She followed me everywhere around the house. I had bought her last week when I came back from theatre camp. She wasn’t very old, which meant she was small. I glanced at my clock to see that it was only six o’clock, so I had plenty of time to shower. It was odd for me to be awake right now, considering my extreme habit of sleeping in. I was only awake this early because it was the first day of school, and I had jitters. My music continued to play, so I made sure to turn on my shower speakers. That was definitely an addition that I loved in our house. I walked into the bathroom and relaxed as the hot water hit my muscles. I was sunburnt for a long time from lifeguarding, so I had to take colder showers. My sunburn wore off just in time for school. I just started lifeguarding so my body wasn’t quite used to the sun, and that wasn’t pleasant. I took my usual ten minute shower and hopped out. Ellie was waiting for me, of course. It took about twenty minutes for me to blow dry my hair and by that time it was six-thirty and I was running out of time. I was always worried about being on time. I made sure that my blonde hair was all the way straight. It was blond from lifeguarding because my hair bleached easily in the sun. My hair also reached my mid-back, and I had side swept bangs. I walked into my closet, which was inside of my bathroom, and pulled out a pair of dark wash jean short-shorts and a plain white T-shirt. I usually only wore simple clothes, not caring what people thought of me. It was time to get my makeup on. It took me about five minutes to get everything on. I used minimal makeup, but it was there to accent. I used colors that accented the green in my eyes. When you looked from far away all you could really see was a light green color. When you looked closer you could see the green and blue. On the outside of the irises you could see a dark blue. Then around the pupils there was a small burst of golden-brown. I inherited the green from my mom and the blue and brown from my dad's side. I would’ve said that my eyes were a hazel color, because of all the colors. I loved my eyes, and thought they were my greatest feature. I liked my green better, the blue reminded me too much of my dad. He left when I was 14, and I remembered the day he left perfectly.

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