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Momo was an orphan from Zhoukai City who traveled all the way to the town of Zhikai all by herself. She had nowhere to go. But on one winter morning, she meets a girl named Maxian, who takes her home and gives her food, comfort and shelter. She had a fever and was treated right away.

Maxian was living in an apartment in the dark and remote corners of Zhikai, together with her live-in partner, Keizo.

At first, things turned out okay for Momo, who was half-Japanese and half-Enidoukan. But over time, she started showing out her true colors – she was a girl with an obsessive-compulsive disorder and would always want attention from Maxian, even if it means driving away her live-in partner.

One one day, Momo was too fed up with her jealousy that something horrible has happened.

When Maxian came home, her live-in partner was found bloody and dead on the bedroom floor. Next to his body was Momo carrying a kitchen knife covered in blood. Her face held a grim and psychotic smile.

Maxian ran out of the house, snatched her mobile phone and called 911. Luckily, there were police on the area and arrested the crazy little girl.

“All I wanted was TO BE LOVED!!! HAHAHAHAHA!” Momo cried in an angry but psychotic tone.

And afterwards, Momo was brought to a strange-looking facility. A place where kids in the area definitely dread being inside of. Something that Maxian had little knowledge of because she was a newcomer to the place.

“What kind of facility is she going to be in? A mental correction facility?” Maxian asked some of the policewomen.

“No, not exactly.” said one policewoman. “She will be brought in EVS Compression Rooms. The place where naughty kids with very unsocial behaviors that are uncontrollable end up in.”

“But why? Why would they take her childhood innocence away?”

“The government is going to benefit from her. They’ll erase her memories and then make her a worker or an employee, or anything else.”

“You don’t understand, officer. Momo is unlike other children. She’s very persistent…she’ll take things to the extreme…”

Meanwhile, at the Compression Facility, Momo was brought inside one of the rooms by a jailguard. The jailguard is a handsome, young lad who looks like he’s in his 20’s.

“Come here, little girl. Don’t be afraid.” he said to Momo.

“Why?” said Momo.
“Because I will take you…to a beautiful place…beyond your imagination.”

And so it begins. Momo starts to lose her breathing as she drops on the floor. Because of the Compression Room, she begins aging slowly as the jailguard starts to do ‘things’ to her, ultimately destroying her childhood, and even her innocence.

She screamed in pain, but being influenced by the druggy atmosphere of the room filled with Bau Luca particles in the air, she felt good and relaxed afterwards as she continued aging.

But after she completely turns into an adult woman and they finish their ‘thing’, Momo’s senses changed. She’s back on her psychic mood. Without warning, she pulls the gun from the jailguard’s uniform and shoots him madly. She then makes an escape from the room and out of the facility. She also kills most of the staff and people on her way. In other words, Momo was now unstoppable.

“You’d better be careful, Ms. Maxian.” the policewomen said to her in a phone call.

“I already know what to expect. I know how she behaves because not only have I been with her for quite a long time, but I’m also an AB Psychology graduate and can understand children well.” she replied.

And on one cold, gloomy night, Maxian heard someone moving from the bushes beside her windows, outside of her house. She knew it was her. She was ready for anything.

“Maxian…why don’t you come out and play with me? Don’t you love me? Don’t you CARE FOR ME?”

And Momo finally breaks in her house as Maxian stands there, facing the door. The deranged girl-turned-woman had deep, dark eyes and torn clothes, almost making her seem naked. Maxian receives a couple of shots to the heart from this twisted girl who has now become an adult and completely lost her mind. She was now a psychopathic killing machine.

But for Maxian, things are different.

“Momo, I’m here. I love you. I will never leave your side. Everyone loves you. Everyone cares…for you! We just want you to be happy…” Maxian said, gasping for breath as she held Momo tight.

On that moment, Momo calmed down. She didn’t say a word, but she cried like a little girl. Her eyes were blank but tearful. Just then, the police came in, arrested Momo and took Maxian to a hospital. Hopefully, she recovered after a few days.

As she was discharged from the hospital and went back home, Momo was taken to her house by the EVS counseling officials. She had finished and passed her counseling as an adult. This was Maxian’s plan, and she continues with her own counseling as she begins to live with Momo once again. Only this time, Momo isn’t a little girl anymore.

But on one final night, the policewomen and counseling officials were shocked to discover a tragic scene in Maxian’s house. Beside their dead corpses lying in the bed was a suicidal note:

“I am taking Maxian with me to the afterlife, where her live-in partner is, and mommy and daddy are. I just can’t stand seeing her alone, and I miss my parents too. I hope you all understand. –Momo”


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