Chapter 1: Getting Adopted

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(Taylor's Pov)
Me,Nash,Cam,and Matt were watching "Orange is the new black" and we saw a commercial for sunshine adoption station and the kids look so sad,so I decided to speak up and say......."Guys I want to adopt a child!"
"Taylor you are being crazy you are 19!" Nash exclaimed.
"But dude the kids look so sad and I wanna give one of them a better life,"I convinced.
"I think Taylor has a good point,those kids are so sad and deserve a better life," Cam reasoned.
"Well why are we still standing here,let's go!" Matt screamed.
~skip to adoption center~
Madeline's Pov
It was Sunday,ugh it's adoption day I just wanna stay asweep with cupcwakes. "Hey worthless brat get up for adoption day and get ready or I will drag you out of there and rip cupcakes in half!" My mean adoption center manager screamed.
"You heard her,"my woommate sai "Get outta bed!" She screamed. She puwled me out of bed and started punching and kicking me till I cried. "STOP PWEEEEEASE IT HUWRTS!!!!!" I screamed in pain.
"Brat get ready!" The manager screamed.
"Yes mwa'am," I replied scared.
I put on a yellow crop top with a smiley face on it and gray tank top and some Jean shorts and ran to the lobbeyto line up hoping to get adopted,for once.
Taylor's Pov
"Alright they are ready I'm gonna go look,you guys stay here." I said.
"Ok" the guys grumped.
"Hello there sir how may I help you?" The manager asked
"I need a 2-4 year old girl please" I answered.
"Alright here are all the files for our 2-4 year old girls" she answered
"Thank you," I said and sat down to check out the files.
~5 minuets later~
"Guys I don't see any I want," I said worried while walking back up to the front desk
" Ma'am I don't see any so can I see th- wait what's that file behind you labeled 2 year old girl?!" I asked
" Oh,this, you don't want her I will just go throw-" "wait!" I screamed "give me that file,NOW!"
"If you are sure then,ok" she said annoyed that I cut her off.
I sat down,Again and looked at it and decided that this is the one I want.
" Ma'am I would like to adopt Madeline burgess." I said happily.
"HER!?!" She said confused "you want the worthless brat!?"
"Yes,and she isn't worthless she is adorable and how dare you say that about her.we are taking her." I said offended
I walked over to her,picked her up and told her we were gonna adopt her and her eyes got huge and she squeezed me with excitement.
Madeleine's Pov
Taywor twold me they were adwoptingme and I ran to my room to pack but I was quick cause all I have to pack is my pajamas and my purple elephant stuffed animal,cupcwakes.And I was about to leave to go back out but my woommate stopped me and said,"where are you going yo worthless trash?"
"I am getting adopted" I said proudly
"Like I am gonna believe you" she said and she cut me with a blade and I ran out crying and Tay Tay picked me up and said "what happened princess!?" Very concerned
"M-my woommate cut me" I said sobbing over his shoulder
Taylor's Pov
Madeline came in sobbing screaming that her roommate cut her arm with a blade and I felt so bad for her and I wanted to get her away from here ASAP so I grabbed her file and checked it over with her sobbing on my shoulder

Name:Madeline burgess

Allergies: peanuts,blueberries,and pickles

New last name: caniff

New full name: Madeline Alison Caniff

Problems:Has trouble with speech

I was so happy, it is official We
are now the proud owners of ,Madeline Alison Caniff!
Thank you all for reading and please comment and vote and I will update soon thanks
I would like to dedicate this chapter to purplrose for inspiring me

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