An Exclusive Interview with the Dark and Dangerous Love characters

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This is something I wrote for Wattpad's Block Party a while back. I want to drop in and let you know I am alive. I'm just neck deep in revision.

ADVICE: don't take A-level maths. It drains your soul.

I will hopefully update after my exams. Which ends on the 19th of June. However, I hope to write at least one chapter before then.

Lots of love. Come to twitter and find me and make sure I'm alive and shout at me if I'm not revising, please. You can find me on twitter @mollynight

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It may motivate me to write more ;)


Maybe 10 more chapters and then the end. Eep.


Hello children of Earth, this is an interview with my characters from Dark and Dangerous Love. If you are not of Earth origin, this is still an interview with my characters from Dark and Dangerous Love. If you are looking for blueprints to build a nuclear bomb, you should go seek it at NASA. If you are looking to speak to the future leader of this planet, please wait till after the interview and Mr Zayn Nocturne Malik's assistants may note your reasons to be here. He only arranges meetings with the absolute important ones those... Important men and their arrogances... Ugh.

*turns to the two handsome man sitting across from me and the dark haired girl*

Now, dear readers, I have to apologise if your favourite character is not present. You have no idea how difficult it was to arrange this quick five minute interview with Zayn, Alice, and Jonah. I wish it was Evelyn, Ethan, and Harry instead, but... well... important men and their jealous ways *throws glare at Zayn*

Zayn: Molly, you better shut up before I snap your neck.

Shut up, you can't snap my neck I write your life. If I die, you die with me, bïtch. 

Jonah: *throws me a cold look* You did not just call Zayn a bïtch. I'm going to rip your spinal cord out, you little bïtch! I am the only one who's allowed to be sassy in this interview!

Shut up before I kill you off... Or make you fall in love, and then make the girl break your heart. I control your life Jonah, don't forget to be nice to Mama Molly. 

Jonah: *smirks* Okay, mama, if you want to get kinky like that, I don't mind.

Alice: *rolls her eyes* 

*rolls eyes as well*

Zayn: J, calm down. Let's just get this over with. I don't have all day, I want to get back to the palace and back to my love. *straightens his regal position* Molly, my sweet, your first question, please. 

Don't my sweet me, you handsome ass. *glares* But, anyway, my dearest King, how does it feel to be the King of Earth and the most powerful man on Earth?

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