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Pen Your Pride


I pulled my jacket closer to me as another gust of wind, made me regret my decision of walking to my friend Stacy's house to get back the red stilettos she had stolen or what Stacy would say 'borrowed without permission'.

Oh I can't forget to mention that it's the middle of November. I should've stayed home but I really needed those heels for my rent.

I know that doesn't make sense but I will explain further, those heels are $199.89 and I had bought them to wear to a party a couple of days ago but I also had my rent due at the time.

And being the careless teen I am, I picked the heels.

And now my landlord is threatening to evict me if I don't give him his money. So my mission was to 'retrieve the shoes, then 'make it to the store and return it' and finally 'give my landlord his money'.

I checked the time on my phone and it was 10:19 pm. I still had another 15 minutes till I made it to Stacy's house.

"Ughh Fu*k my life" I sighed as I stomped my way down the vacant road.

"Such a dirty mouth for a pretty girl" A deep husky voice popped in from nowhere!

I jumped when I turned around to see a stranger following me in his car. I gave him a dirty look before I turned my attention back to the road. Stranger danger, this was a big no no.

I moved my feet faster trying to move away from him but he just sped up. How the hell was I going to out run a car!

"Mate, just get in the car" He grumbled as if he was annoyed at the fact that I was walking away. Did he not understand stranger danger? Unless he thought I was a prostitute. I was currently dressed in my bed time shorts, a tank top and a wool cardigan, well more like jacket.

I cleared my voice before speaking "Sir, I am not a prostitute so you can run along" He laughed in response. Was he okay? He must be smoking Leprechaun dust or something!

"I would hope not, I couldn't have a prostitute as a mate, I would have to reject you" He pouted as he stuck out his lips. He then reached over and grabbed a cigar then lit it, ew. After a couple moments he exhaled and the smoke flew into my face.

I huffed in annoyance as I turned to face him. I sharply gasped as I took in his facial features, he was really hot. I thought stalkers were all ugly trolls. But his eyes were the most captivating feature about him, they were emerald green.

He stared back at me and I instantly felt self-conscious, what the heck? I never care about my appearance, this was so weird.

"Can you leave me alone?" I asked knowing that he would decline.

"Now why would I do that" He chuckled, see I called it.

"Because I will call the police you are harassing me, and you make me feel uncomfortable and I would like it if you would leave" I snapped back. Dammit I didn't want to let him get to me but I did.

"Do you really don't know?" He asked amused. Did he really think I was dumb?

"I know that you are a werewolf, and I am one too so stop looking at me like I am a circus act" I hissed. I continued to walk down the road hoping that another car would pass by.

"Alright, but you still didn't notice" He huffed as if this was some sort of game and he was getting tired of playing.

"What?" I was done playing the guessing game. But I was getting about ready to kick him in his throat. But by the looks of him, I would lose the fight almost instantly.

"You are my beloved duh, so now get in my car" Yep he was officially crazy in my books, so I took off running towards Stacy's house. It was 3 blocks away.

"Don't test me 'baby girl' we have places to be. But I do love a good chase!" He yelled as I heard the car door open and close. Soon I heard foot steps behind and they were much quicker!

"Leave me alone" I screamed as I picked up my pace. He was catching up, and now he was right behind me. We were at the crosswalk and I didn't even notice that a car was coming.

I instantly froze in the headlights, the driver pushed on its horn and slammed on its breaks. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

The headlights were getting closer and the horn was getting louder but I still didn't know what to do.

An arm snaked around my waist and yanked me back on to the side walk. My back came into contact with someone's chest. My hair had flipped into my face, and time seem to fly by as the car continued and the horn faded. I shakily gasp for a breath of air. That whole time I was not breathing, I should really be a swimmer!

"Baby Girl are you okay" Mr. Stalker asked as he grabbed my face and studied it looking for an signs of damage.

"Yeah but you aren't" I said as I pretended to act sad.

"What?-uff" I had kneed him in his balls and was currently running back towards his car. I made it back before him, and I swung the door open and hopped in, I reached for the keys but the tip of my fingers connected to cold silver. I looked down to see my fingers touching the hole the keys go in to.

Where the hell were the keys?

I locked the door using the button, trying to buy me some more time. I ran my hands through my hair in frustrating.

I should've ran to Stacy's house it would've been closer. Ugh I'm so dumb at times.

At this moment I knew, that I had f*cked up!


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