Saving You & I 💙

"In about 10 minutes we're going to get ready to go, Ace." My grandmother tells me.

"Okay." I nod. I place my sunglasses on my face and lie back down.

We were currently at Jones Beach, in New York City. It was summertime and about 85 degrees out. The sun was shining bright and I was soaking up the sun while relaxing on my beach towel. It was just my grandmother, my cousin Jasmine, and I spending the day at the beach.

The months had flown by and now it was almost the end of the summer. I've been in New York for the whole month of August and now it's almost September and I'm leaving in a few days. My family is back in Elwood and my grandmother insisted that I come and stay with her for the month.

I insisted on only two weeks because I wanted to hang with my friends but of course I was overruled. It took a lot, but my parents actually trusted me to get on a plane by myself to come here. Kyle didn't come because he has a job now and obviously my parents are working so that left me the only contender.

"We should beg Gram to go and hang out on our own," Jasmine nudges me. "She wants to do everything with us."

I laugh and agree with her. I guess grandma just really missed spending time with the both of us... "Where did you wanna go?"

"Out to a small party—"


"Not a big one, just a little small one with a couple of friends."

"Your friends..."

"Come on! You're leaving in like three days. This will be good for us."

"I thought all of your friends didn't like me?" I grimace.

"That's not true," she shakes her head. "Please?"

"Jas..." I groan.

"Ace, please!" She clutched on to me. Her brown eyes were wide as she stared at me. I squirmed under her touch. "I promise we'll have a good time and you know grandma will let you have your phone and you can talk to your boyfriend..."

I tried to hide my smile at the thought. I haven't spoken to Hunter since yesterday morning. Ever since I came to visit and my grandmother found out that I had a boyfriend, she took my phone away. She told me she didn't want me to be too wrapped up in him while I was here because this was the only time she would see me for the next few months.

It really annoyed me because I couldn't even speak to my friends. She only allows me to have my phone for an hour a day and I have to call my parents on the house phone. While it did force me to spend time with her and the rest of my family, I still hated the fact that I couldn't speak to Hunter.

The month of July was a really fun month for me. Every day from morning to night I was out. Whether it was with my friends or Hunter, or all of us together I was always out and about. It was the best time for me. No fights, no drama, just fun. Hunter and I did a countless amount of activities together, which brought us even closer. We were pretty much attached to the hip all month.

All of us even went on Cora's family yacht and went tubing and jet skiing. I was never too fond of water, but they were and I was introduced to a whole other type of fun. Of course in New York I never did those things, let alone have I ever been on a yacht.

I guess it was a perk of living in a small town that wasn't too far from a lake. Suburban life is so much different than city life and when I told my family about everything I did (because when I got to NYC I had a huge tan) they said that I was doing "white people" activities. I didn't really care because it was fun. Definitely something I never thought I would be doing. And as for my friends in Elwood, it was something they looked forward to every summer.

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