Chapter 38

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Supernaturalfreak134 gave me this idea! Thank u :)

Dean and Sam went out to get food. There was a thunderstorm coming. You HATE thunderstorms. You hate the sound of thunder and lighting scared you. Cas was with you when Dean and Sam went out.
There was a loud boom of thunder and you jumped.
Cas: y/n?
You were crying. You were scared.
Cas: Y/n, he went to get you dinner.
Cas then calls Dean.

Dean: Cas?
Cas: Dean, you better hurry up.
Dean: Why what's going on?
Cas then looks at you. You had a blanket over your head.
Dean: Cas?!
Cas: Just hurry.
Cas hangs up and Dean hangs up.
Sam: What's up?
Dean: It was Cas. He wants us to hurry up.
Sam: why?
Dean: he didn't say.
Sam: Well lets go. The storm is closing in.

Dean and Sam get in the impala and they drive to the bunker.

The thunder was getting louder. You kept hiding under the blanket.
Cas: Y/n, come out.
You: No!
Cas: Please?
You: I...I can't uncle Cas.
Cas: Why not?
Dean and Sam arrive to the bunker. They had dinner. They walk inside the bunker and they see you and Cas.
Cas: Why can't you come out from hiding?
You: I...I...hate thunderstorms. They scare me.
Dean looks at you.

There was a big boom of thunder. You then jump off the couch and you run to your room.
Cas: Y/N!
You then slam your bedroom door. Dean goes to check on you.
Dean: Baby girl?
You were hiding underneath your comforters.
Dean then moves your comforters and he sees you.
Dean: Baby girl?
You look up at Dean.
You: I'm scared daddy.
Dean sits on your bed and you hug him tight.
Dean: It's okay baby girl. I've got you.
You: Daddy?
Dean: yeah?
You: Is the storm over?
Dean: No sweetie.
You: I hate thunderstorms.
Dean: You want to play a game?
You look at Dean.
You: Okay. *smiles*
Dean: That's my girl. Now what should we play?
You: dress up?
Dean then laughs.
Dean: Alright.
You jump off your bed and you grab a toy crown and sword. You hand it to Dean.
Dean: What I am suppose to be?
You: You're a king daddy.*smiles*
Dean then crouches down.
Dean: Then what are you suppose to be?
You: I'm your princess. *smiles*
Dean smiles at you. He then picks you up and he puts the you crown on his head.
Dean: I've got my little princess. Now, we must go have our feast.
You then giggle.
Dean and you go down to where Sam and Cas were.
Sam: Dean?
Dean: It's king Dean.
Cas and Sam look at each other.
There was a flash of lightning, you tried to jump out of Dean's arms but he holds you tight.
You: Daddy?
Dean: A princess must learn to face her fears. She must learn to be brave and must find courage.

You and Dean get your dinner. You and Dean sit at the table and you both eat your dinner. After you both ate, Dean then took you up to your room.
You: Daddy?
Dean: Yeah?
You: I don't want to be alone. Can you stay with me? Please daddy?
Dean: Y/n, you have to learn how to face your fears. I'm not going to be around forever to protect you sweetie. You have to learn how to be brave. I know you're brave y/n. *smiles*
Dean kisses your forehead.
Dean: Night baby girl.
You: *mumbles* night.
Dean then leaves your room and he closes your bedroom door. He felt bad because he didn't stay with you, but he wanted you to be brave and face your fears.

You lay down. You tried to fall asleep, but the rain falling hard and the thunder kept you up.Flashes of lighting would appear and you pull the comforter over you.
You:*mumbles* Uncle cas...
Cas: Yea y/n?
You move the comforter and you see Cas.
You: Uncle Cas, can you stay with me?
Cas: Of course.
Cas then lays beside you and you cuddle close to him. You wanted Dean but he told you to be brave, but you were scared.

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