3| Quitting

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"Okay man, I think I gotta head out

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"Okay man, I think I gotta head out." Chris sighed, picking up his little, Sadie. "See you tomorrow?"

"I'll be here." I said and waved him off.

"Daddy I don't wanna leave Cece." I heard Sadie whine and I chuckled.

"I'm going out for coffee. Want any?" I asked Jeff, Cece's daddy, and Paul.

"I'll take a double." Jeff said.

"Black." Paul said and I nodded. I grabbed my wallet and car keys then walked out of my office and out the front doors. I unlocked my car and got in, starting it up.

The coffee shop I usually go to is just down the street, I parked the car and got out, grabbing my wallet again and opening the front door.

There I saw a girl with raven hair, quite short, just from the back of her I felt like I knew her. "You're holding me up girl, get ordering."

"I'm sorry- small iced coffee with caramel drizzle." That voice. She pulled out her wallet but I walked up behind her and gave the man my credit card.

Sofia quickly turned around and looked up at me. "Add another small iced coffee, medium black, small double and vanilla cupcake." He nodded and took the card, typing in the order then got to doing it.

"Here." She handed me a five dollar bill, "you can keep the change."

"I'm not taking this. I just covered you." She huffed and tucked the money away.

"Thank you... but why? Do you even remember me?"

"Of course I do. Just a friendly gesture." I shrugged and she smiled. She didn't look the same as she did the last two times I saw her.

This girl is a little, I know that. And even if you're not a 24/7 little, you still have little signs of it.

The man handed me a paper bag and the tray of drinks, then Sofia hers and we moved to the side. "Paul said you were acting weird when he saw you- god must've been a month ago."

"I- oh. I need to go actually. Thank you again." And she just walked away from me. Um, fuck no. I walked after her and she slowed down.

"You don't walk away." I said. She sighed. "Paul's been looking for you."

"Well I'm not going back there. Tell him that." She muttered harshly. Is my place seriously that bad?

"And why is that? So your first night wasn't the best. My first night wasn't the best." I shrugged.

"I'm not fucking going back." She snapped, she opened her car door.

"What's with the language?"

"Go ask your fucking little freak." She slammed the door, starting the Jeep, she tossed the drink out of her window into a trash can and drove away.

What. The. Fuck.


"Oh dear fuck Tate, she's going to have a sugar high." Jeff groaned and I smirked.

"She'll crash." Paul shrugged and took the coffee from me. Cece took the cupcake with a smile, Jeff stopped her and turned her right back around.

"What do you say?"

"Thank you uncle Tate." She said.

"You're welcome."

"What took you so long anyways?" Paul asked as I sat down.

"Ran into someone. Never guess who."

"Your dad?"

"Fuck no." I scoffed. "Sofia."


"Yep. She's a little brat."

"What did she do?"

"She just flipped out on me. I bought her drink and I mentioned something about the club, she said she wasn't ever coming back and told me to fuck off, then told me to deal with my little freak or something. I don't even know to be honest."

"Sounds like someone has a little crush." Jeff chuckled.

"What the hell is a little freak?" I asked.

"A little?" Paul asked.

"Isn't a she a little though? Why would she say freak?" Jeff asked.

"I don't fucking know. She slammed her door and threw the drink out."

"Jesus Christ. That's harsh." Paul chuckled. "And you didn't do anything?"

"Chase after a girl I don't fucking know? No. There's nothing I could do about it." I shrugged. "Not like she's that big of a deal. If she doesn't like me or this place, that's her deal."


I wasn't able to just let it drop. It was fucking nagging at me for another fucking month. Finally, I got my shit together.

"Tatum." Gavin said as he came into the office.

"Still hate when you call me that." I said, gesturing do the chair on the other side of my desk.

"To what pleasure to I get to be with the boss man?" He grinned and sat down.

"Shut it, we aren't talking about business today." I said and he sat a little forward. "That friend of yours, Sofia. She was here about two months ago wasn't she?"

"Yeah, she was." He nodded.

"She's a little?"

"It's confusing man. One day she was, super open about it. Our friends don't even mind it at all, in fact, my pal even helped her sometimes. Then the next day she said she threw everything out and wasn't in that life anymore. Something happened there."

Totally. No one just drops age regression.

"Has she been acting the same otherwise?"

"Fuck no. She's moody as hell and never wants to hang out. She's always with her horse."

"Horse?" I chuckled, "is that code or something?"

"No, she's an actual horse back rider. Pretty competitive." He shrugged. "Anyways, that stupid animal is like her therapy, so we have no clue what is going on with her."

"Weird." I mumbled.

"You know, I was actually going to talk to you about her. The day she just changed, she was here. Something must've happened."

"I saw her that day and was perfectly happy, and looked pretty regressed while talking to Paul."

"Someone must've said something." He sighed. "It's not like her. At all. It's her get away, she wouldn't want to get away from that. She was always happy in it. She even has this teddy bear named Skittles. That's gone. And she doesn't let anyone touch that stupid rag."

"Did you say she always with her horse?" I mumbled and he nodded. "Can you send me the address?"

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